Meth Lab: Behavior signs

How can you tell if you’re dealing with someone who’s a meth abuser or a meth lab cook? Observe their behavior.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “In addition to being addicted to methamphetamine, chronic abusers exhibit symptoms that can include anxiety, confusion, insomnia, mood disturbances, and violent behavior. They also can display a number of psychotic features, including paranoia, visual and auditory hallucinations, and delusions (for example, the sensation of insects creeping under the skin). Psychotic symptoms can sometimes last for months or years after methamphetamine abuse has ceased, and stress has been shown to precipitate spontaneous recurrence of methamphetamine psychosis in formerly psychotic methamphetamine abusers.”

1. Frequent visitors at all times of the day or night, followed by periods where there are no visitors.

Meth users can stay awake for several days and nights without sleep. During those “awake times”,  buyers will frequently visit the meth dealer’s home. Cash poor buyers often bring stolen goods to the meth dealer’s home to barter for methamphetamine. Electronic items and tools are popular replacements for cash. Meth cooks will often “signal” buyers when they have meth to sell by doing something like leaving a porch light on or creating some other visible sign outside of their house.

2. Visitors park far away from the meth lab house, even though there is parking available in front of the home.

Buyers don’t want neighbors or other people that they know to see their car parked in front of a drug dealer’s home and meth dealers don’t want alot of vehicles showing up at their house.  Some meth buyers drive stolen cars, but that’s not true of all buyers. If the car has been stolen, the door lock may be punched out.  Stolen cars may be dirty, but they will have clean license plates.

3. Activity at the house is usually at odd hours or late at night.

Meth cooks usually cook meth in the early morning hours when most people are sleeping. Meth lab cooks that use motel and hotel rooms to cook meth often cook meth somewhere between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m.  Meth’s effect on users allow them to stay awake all day and all night for several days in a row, if they keep using more meth. Lack of sleep causes hallucinations and extreme paranoia.

psueudoephedrine-tablets3. Occupants appear unemployed, yet seem to have plenty of money and pay bills with cash.

Meth dealers get paid in cash and often with stolen property. Because of the laws limiting the sale of pseudoephedrine,  meth dealers will also accept packages of pseudoephedrine as payment for meth.

4. Occupants are unfriendly, appear secretive about activities.

The last thing that a meth cook wants is a friendly neighbor stopping by and asking questions about anything they see or smell, or about them, for that matter.

5. Occupants watch cars suspiciously when they pass by.

Heavy meth users and meth cooks are always worried that someone is coming to get them and they want to be ready to a)  make a quick escape or b) grab a weapon.

6. Occupants display a paranoid or odd behavior.

Heavy meth users who go without food and sleep for several days in a row are prone to hallucinations and paranoia.

7. Extensive security at the home.

“Private Property” or “Beware of Dog” signs may be posted as well as fences, large shrubs, bushes and trees. Security cameras may also be attached to the house, shed, barn, garage, etc. Anyone making and selling meth wants to know who is getting “too close” to finding out about their illegal activity.

8. Windows blackened or curtains always drawn.

Besides preventing anyone from seeing any signs of meth lab through their windows, they also prevent anyone from seeing the mess inside of their homes.

9. Occupants go outside the house to smoke cigarettes.

Meth lab cooks are smart enough to know that lighting a cigarette near the volatile chemicals inside their home or shed would be disasterous.

10. Chemical odors coming from the house, garbage or detached buildings.

11. Garbage contains numerous bottles, containers.

12. Coffee filters, bed sheets or other material stained from filtering red phosphorus or other chemicals

13. Occupant sets his garbage for pick up in another neighbor’s collection area.

14. Evidence of chemical or waste dumping (i.e. burn pits, or “dead spots” in the yard)

15. Meth users are extremely active. Methamphetamine gives the user alot of energy, making them very talkative and energetic. When graffitithey’re high on meth, they may be involved in several kinds of projects but seldom finish any of them.

For example, they may pull apart vehicles and other machinery with the intention of fixing them, but  never complete the repairs.

Some meth lab homes have been found with graffiti painted on walls and ceilings. Meth gives them so much energy that they have to do “something”.

16. If the meth user / dealer/ lab cook has children or pets, they are typically neglected and in danger. Chemicals in meth lab homes are often left where children can reach them and drink them. Meth lab homes are full of toxic chemicals that are extremely dangerous to the health of children, whose immune systems are still developing.

During the times that the meth using parents crash by sleeping for days meth-lab-kidsat a time, children and animals are often left to fend for themselves.  During those times, many children don’t go to school. Older children often stay home from school to take care of their younger siblings, while their adult caretakers sleep.

Food may be scarce in a heavy meth user’s home, due to money being spent on drugs before food for their children and their pets. Meth users may also forget that children and pets need to be fed, as meth takes away their urge to eat.

Children may not be allowed to go outside without a parent or other adult present.


Originally published on March 13, 2009.




  1. tweaker neighbor says

    my next door neighbor is a meth tweaker off the show intervention im worried she may be making a meth lab in her backyard. i’ve seen her carrying what looks like big tanks for gasoline or some sort of liquid and put it in the back. she also always seems to have haggard looking people at her house at times. people who seem to be like twice her age and they are always around. she seems like she’s still on drugs cause of her eccentric activity and her sporadic conversations. i dont know what to do i want to call the police but i dont want to be wrong and look like a bad person

    • says

      Sounds a lot like she’s back to using again and may be involved with manufacturing meth again, as well, according to what you’ve described. Are there children in the house or are there children going to her house? There are tremendous risks to children living in or around meth addicts and meth cooks, including sexual abuse and physical injuries including burns. The manufacture of methamphetamine is a serious public health and safety threat. Calling the police to investigate a situation that endangers others is the responsible thing to do if you suspect your neighbor is manufacturing meth, in my opinion.

  2. Lori says

    Have you ever heard of meth cookers trying to disguise the smell of the cooking meth with cooking food at the same time? Once a meth user starts cooking how long does it take before it is completed? I have a neighbor who at irregular intervals cooks at nigh usually starting around 10:00PM and it always has a very strong dead skunk smell.

    • says


      Meth addicts aren’t usually interested in food, since the use of methamphetamine takes away their appetite, however the skunk smell that you’re smelling “may” be due to someone cooking meth. A commenter on my posting “Meth lab pictures for renters, realtors, home owners, home buyers” described the smell coming from their meth cooking neighbors as “They’ll be cooking tonite with various smells ranging from odor of paint thinner, dead skunk, and a really strange zoo like stench.”

      According to my research, the time it takes to cook meth can range from 15 minutes to 48 hours depending on the method they’re using to make meth. Older methods of cooking meth, where they need to heat the ingredients, produces fumes and can take 48 hours to complete. Shake and bake meth or the one-pot method of making meth in a bottle, can be completed in as little as 15 minutes and doesn’t produce fumes.

      • Mike F. says

        I don’t think you’re paying attention to what Lori said. In her reply she said by saying “meth aren’t usually interested in food”. The point of what she was saying is that the cooking helps disguise the smell of food. I wouldn’t interprit that any other way.

    • Marcus says

      Yup, they will burn trash or BBQ to cover the smell. My neighbors have been burning trash for 4 days straight and the young male is giggin hard.

    • Hoov777 says

      Yes, meth cooks in Collin County Texas tried that with me, but it didnt work ,I called the Sherrif on them and told them what they were doing ,the sherrif went down there , then he came down my house and said, I went down there and all they were doing is cooking food ,and i said i know but they were also cooking meth at the same time, i also told the officer that one of the meth had just chased my truck after i drove down there to snap a few pictures ,The meth cook chased me back to my house , when i got out of my truck he was at the end of my driveway ,Threatening me ,I told him if you come on to my property l am going to shoot your ass.

  3. Rowan says

    So, I’m pretty sure my cousin has a meth lab going on in the garage, I’ve seen things that are odd, I’ve smelled things that are even more odd, and I’ve seen certain products I know we don’t use on a daily basis. I’ve also noticed every time there is salt brought into the house it is gone within a few days, I don’t want to call the police for there are people who are living in the actual house who are innocent bystanders like myself, but I’m not sure what else to do at this point. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • says

      Report your suspicions to the police. Meth labs are highly toxic and explosive. How will you feel if you don’t report it and your cousin dies because his (I’m assuming his) meth lab caught fire. Have you seen pictures of people who have been burned in a meth lab? It’s not pretty. Third and fourth degrees burns are common for meth lab burn victims and have caused the death of more than one meth cook. He is also inhaling very toxic chemicals that can cause him to get seriously ill, if not in the near future, in years to come. Also, how will you feel if another innocent bystander gets hurts or sick because of your cousin’s meth lab? If you really believe that your cousin is making meth, you should report him, in my opinion. He is playing with his life by making meth and he is putting the lives of others in jeopardy. It’s not likely that he’s going to stop making meth unless there is an intervention of some kind, like an arrest. Many meth addicts have told me that if they hadn’t been arrested, they would be dead right now.

      • Rowan says

        You’re absolutely right, but if I report him, will everyone in the house be busted or just him? Like I said there are 4 of us who are totally innocent in this, and stay out of the garage, but since the garage is connected to the house, will we all be in trouble? I don’t want to get into trouble for something I have nothing to do with you know? How would I go about this without everyone being charged with possession or something?

        • neighbor says

          That is why you ask to speak with an officer. They WILL advise you on what options to take and if you let them know who specifically it is – then they know who to look/ask for. If you sit and say/do nothing you will all be charged initially before interogation and hopefully then the charges dropped. Save yourself from 72 hours of un-needed jail time. Call and ask for advice.

  4. Concerned Neighbor says

    My neighbors and I share one wall. About every three weeks starting at 10pm and ending around 3am there are drilling noises about every 3-4min consistently. Is that a sound that’s common with labs?

    • says

      It could be. Meth cooks typically use food choppers aka food processors to grind up pseudoephedrine pills, which have a drill-like sound. If they are making meth, then it appears they’re making 3 weeks worth when they do make it.

  5. D- Landlord says

    I landlord a 12 unit residential apartment complex. We recently noticed that our water bill for the complex has skyrocketed… Exponentially. I have a unit that I am skeptical of the tenant. Knowing nothing about Meth I am unsure, but is heavy water usage a red flag? We have no idea where this water could be going and there doesn’t appear to be a leak of the magnitude that would use this amount of water. The tenant is also anxious and has always given me a strange vibe, pays in cash, his roomate walks most places with a backpack and they have gotten some strange nighttime traffic. I am fairly confident they smoke pot but my concern is if there is more to it. My main question lies in the role of heavy water usage in meth creation…. Is this a possible symptom?

    • says

      Although it’s certainly possible that your tenant is making meth, heavy water use doesn’t usually signal a meth lab. I suppose they could be using lots of water to wash chemicals down the drain, but I think it’s more likely that your tenant may be operating a marijuana grow lab.

      Do your tenants pay their own electric bill? Growing marijuana requires water and light, light that is oftentimes provided by means of grow lights.

      When is the last time that you inspected the apartment?

    • J says

      They aren’t washing chemicals down the drain… They’re humidifying the whole place to contain/smother the smell… The answer is yes, they’re cooking.

      • Tonya says

        How does humidifing the place contain or smother the smell?? I think my neighbor might be cooking it and my husband might be involved, I have 2 small children that seem to get really hyper and I feel it to for like 2 days and sometimes after my husband comes out of the bathroom but it seems like my house has a lot of moisture in it like it has a giant humidifier in it. I live in a house so how could i find out if there is something like that in my house??

        • says

          Have you asked your husband about it, Tonya? Is your neighbor running a marijuana grow lab? Plants need humidity. You can test your house for meth by using one of the meth test kits that we sell, if you think that meth is involved.

  6. Abdel says

    We live in an apartment complex in rural Northern California. Across an eight-foot-wide fenced breezeway from us are two flats, the upper occupied by three people in their teens and early twenties; we’ve been told that the one in the bedroom facing our upstairs bathroom is 14.

    Starting three days after we moved in, we’ve been vexed by their habit of running their dryer off and on all day and all night — with lots of dryer sheets — for up to four days straight, taking a day off, and then repeating the process. Since the dryer is in operation for up to fourteen hours on some days, this makes our apartment smell like the outside of a busy laundromat, which fouls the taste of all of our food and causes us great discomfort, so we took this up with the property manager, but he refuses point-blank to do anything. On the advice of our attorney, we’ve been documenting their behavior — which requires looking through the bathroom window at their dryer vent to confirm whether the machine is still in operation — but this elicits an extremely hostile response.

    We’ve long been wondering why someone would do something like this, particularly when dryers are expensive to run. Now we wonder: Is it possible that they’re using and/or cooking meth?

    • says

      If you suspect that your neighbors are making meth, you should call the police, asap! A dryer running for 14 hours a day with heavy use of dryer sheets, when it’s not being done by a laundromat, sounds suspicious to me. Don’t try to confront your neighbors. If they are using/making meth, confronting them could put you in a very dangerous situation. Guns are commonly found in homes where meth is being made. Bombs have been found in some meth lab busts too. Heavy meth users can go without sleep for several days, sometimes weeks, making them prone to violent outbursts and/or hallucinations. You need to be very careful for your own safety and the safety of your family. My advice is to call the police – as soon as possible – and let them know what’s going on, before someone gets hurt! Be sure to let them know that there’s a 14 yr old child in danger too! If they are making meth and an explosion happens, it could have tragic results. Burns, death, property damage. The sooner you call the police, the better! Good luck and stay safe!

  7. Laura says

    I am curious to know about the health effects a meth lab would have on surrounding neighbors. I live in a very small community of studio apartments. I medically have lost all sense of smell. My neighbors moved in six months ago and shortly after there arrival, I started noticing these odd behaviors. I reported it to cops and the complex. I was told that they would be evicted due to have no income. They were not evicted because the mother renewed the lease. Six months of this has passed and two months ago me, my children ( I have two kids) and my dog, started getting ill. My son and I have started breaking out in hive like rashes with no explanation as to why this is taking place. Again, I have reported it to the cops and to the apartment complex and still nothing is being done. Within this time, the apartment complex allowed the dealer to move in down the way increasing the traffic that much more. We are moving but Im now wondering if these break outs are due to chemicals that I am not able to smell. Please help and tell me what you think. Laura

    • says

      Your family’s health problems could be caused by your exposure to meth lab chemicals. You do not have to smell chemicals for them to do harm to your body. Toxic chemical particles can be present in the air without anyone being able to detect them. You should let your doctor and/or veterinarian know that you suspect that you have been exposed to meth lab chemicals. Leaving that environment, as soon as possible, is a smart thing to do for yourself and your family!

      Something else you need to consider. If your family and pet became sick because of being exposed to meth lab chemicals, it’s possible that your belongings may also be contaminated with those chemicals. As the chemicals travel through the air, some of them enter the body, and the rest of them end up embedding themselves in to everything else inside the home. You would need to have someone test your apartment and belongings to determine whether or not it is contaminated and to what extent it has been contaminated. If testing shows that the apartment is contaminated, you may be able to recoup the cost of your medical expenses and the cost of decontaminating or replacing your belongings. Talk to a lawyer about it…several lawyers, if need be. Personal injury law firms might be interested in taking on your case.

      You should let the local health department know that your family and pet have become ill since your new neighbors’ moved in. Let them know that you suspect they may be making meth. I’d also notify the Department of Environmental Quality in your state about your situation. Maybe one or both of those agencies will help you to get to the bottom of the problem or at least push the issue with the police department. If they get involved, I think you’ll see quicker police action.

      In the meantime……. open up some windows in your apartment, when the temps allow it. Getting more fresh air in your apartment will help to reduce the concentration of chemicals that you’re breathing in. Good luck!

  8. Amy says

    Hi i was thinking my neighbor has a meth lab, he had someone build a room in his garage and he will never open his garage door he”ll open it a few inches every few weeks and you see dirt all over the floor, he is a big time tweaker, he props open one blind in every window. He had a baby monitor outside of his garage. he posted a label on his electic box saying “Medical emergency life saving equipment being used” . He’s just weird.. But you never see anyone going to his house he”s always leaving to go places.. Do meth labs use a lot of electric? or if he could be growing pot? I cant tell.. He’s up all night..

    • says

      Hi Amy
      It’s hard to say what your neighbor is doing, however both of your suspicions make sense. He could be growing pot. He could also be making meth.

      Grow labs, as marijuana labs are often referred to, typically use artificial lighting (grow light bulbs) to provide the plants with the light they need to grow. Dirt on the floor of the garage could be associated with growing pot or he may have put it there to absorb spilled meth lab chemicals. However, when someone is high on meth, they can do things that only make sense to them. Days and nights without sleep can make a sane person do crazy things. Additionally, meth cooks and marijuana growers sometimes use fans to help circulate the air or remove fumes.

      Despite all of the press about shake-and-bake meth labs, not all methamphetamine is made in plastic bottles. Older methods of making meth, that are still being done in many parts of the country, require a heat source and produce more fumes than one-pot labs. Portable electric stove burners that have 1 or 2 burners are sometimes used by meth cooks to give them access to a heat source in a basement, garage, attic, shed, etc. Baby monitors, outdoor cameras, leaving a blind slat open, etc., are common among meth-makers, who become paranoid that someone (cops or others) are coming to get them.

      Staying up all night is common for meth addicts. Meth keeps them from being tired and they may stay awake around the clock for several days, before they finally crash and sleep for a few days. Do you smell anything coming from his house? If I were you, I’d ask the police to investigate the situation, before someone gets hurt. Don’t try confront your neighbor or ask him what he’s doing. In fact, you should stay far away from his house. Stay safe!

  9. Nancy says

    Hi …my husband and I are staying in a very nice RV park for about 3 months. He is working and I am home and have a few concerns about our neighbors. This is our 3rd year at the same park, so we have become friends with a few people who live here. I was told our neighbors are tweakers….which I think mean people who use drugs…..they never eat anything here but smoke a lot and stay inside for at least 2 days and never come outside….all their windows are covered with towels and there was a smell yesterday. They have a few people come by who go inside and don’t stay long. A couple of nights ago we were BBQ ing and I had my little wiener dog on my lap and the old lady was walking across the park towards her trailer and my dog was growling like I have never heard and showing his teeth. She stuck her hand by him and he almost bit her. Now he growls every time they leave in their car or come home. Behind us are homes and a chain fence. On the property right behind us there are 2camper shells and 1long trailer behind the house. The long trailer has a tarp over the entire half and just now I got a big smell of ammonia coming in my window…I actually got dizzy….is that a sign of drugs ? Under the trailer next to me there was some dark liquid dripping from somewhere….the lady came out and was dumping something on it and squirting off area under her trailer….now there is a bucket there. I don’t know if she had bleach but when I smelled the big whiff of ammonia it wasn’t same time she was doing that….I want to feel comfortable going out and sitting in my chair but I don’t….

    • says

      Judging by your description of the situation at the RV park, I’d say the chances are good that your neighbor is making meth. An ammonia smell is commonly associated with meth labs. Becoming dizzy from breathing in the toxic chemicals used to make meth is also common. Tweakers are a nickname for hardcore meth addicts. I hope you’re staying in your own RV. Lastly, I think dogs are a good judge of character. Meth labs explode without warning and heavy meth users are unpredictable and they are often violent. Don’t let your dog wander about the property, for his own protection. Staying indoors, away from the chemical smells, is also better for your health and your husband’s. Be very careful. Notify the police to investigate the situation. Personally, I’d find another park to stay in, asap. Stay safe!

  10. AJ says

    Some of these are helpful, but going outside to smoke? Most smokers I know go outside to smoke so their house doesn’t stink of cigarette smoke. This one is too nonspecific to be very useful and may raise unreasonable suspicions.

    • says

      Good point, AJ. Smoking outdoors, by itself, should not be taken as a sign that someone is making meth in their home. If someone was making meth, you would likely see other behaviors in addition to smoking outdoors.

  11. Fred says

    What about a professional couple with five sons widely spaced who each move into an apartment at the back of their house at 16 and then host many visitors in th wee hours but the visitors have to use my property to get back their as this is their rule? They park in front of my house and around the corner. Put in four foot deep trench for “drainage” when their was no ddrainagw problem and filled it with gravel. Wonder if there is air filtration under the gravel or drainage fir chemicals. Drug arrests previously in family, drove out former owner of my home, family in other side of me heavily involved. When I hot them criminal trespassed off my property which police resisted doing, they went ballistic, one guy stopped working and they started burglarizing me and they have stolen as much in replacement value as my house is worth. But police will pretend I must be imagining this. One criminal’s maiden name is the same as a district judge and another one’s first name is that same name. One did a lot of favors for the judge. Sometimes it smells like a lot of animals voided in my yard though only occasional does an animal get loose or an owner allow their dog to do that. Then after a few days it will smell normal. This spring there was a strong lilac smell but no lilacs nearby and almost no flowers.

    • says

      That’s a tough situation, Fred. If you can’t get any cooperation with the local police, I’d contact the state police and let them know what’s going on. You might also want to contact the EPA and your local and/or state health department and let them know about that trench and the odors that you’re smelling. The EPA and health departments could conduct some soil and water tests where that trench is located. If they are dumping chemicals in that trench, it’s a public health and safety matter that needs to be addressed, asap. Someone needs to investigate that situation, that’s for sure!

  12. Michelle says

    I live in a mobile home. We dont have air conditioning but we do have a swamp cooler or evaporative cooler. Just about once a week I notice a horrible smell in my mobile home. It happens at about 5 a.m. and wakes me from my sleep. It smells “chemical” but also “metallic”. I thought it was just coming from my cooler and that something might be wrong with it, like some chemical in it. But I stepped outside, and could smell the smell everywhere, just not as strong! In my home it was so strong that I could taste it in my mouth, so I brushed my teeth! That didnt help. Then I noticed that my nose and eyes were burning! I was coughing too! Like something was stuck in my throat! My question is, if one of my neighbors in our mobile home court is cooking meth, can it go through the air and then into my swamp cooler and into my home? Would I be able to smell it that way? I dont notice any suspicous neighbors but then again I stay to myself. Why would it only happen approximately once a week? Should I talk to the police and ask them these questions? Thank you for your time.

    • says


      If you smell something strange in your neighborhood and it is making you sick, you should definitely have the police investigate what’s causing it. As far as I know methlab chemicals can enter homes through air conditioning units, including evaporative coolers aka swamp coolers. Smelling the odor at 5 a.m. makes sense from a methlab perspective. Meth cooks typically cook during the early morning hours to avoid being detected by neighbors, who they assume are still sleeping. If you’re only smelling the chemicals once a week, then my guess is that they’re making a week’s supply at a cook. If I were you, I’d give the police and the health department a call and have them assess the situation asap. If someone is making meth in your neighborhood, it needs to get shut down…the sooner the better!

  13. Sally says

    I live above a woman who has suspicious behavior. She has traffic at all hours of the night and last night I smelled a really heavy, sweet sugary smell followed by a strong stench. When she moved in last month I immediatley knew the traffic was heavy so I went down to introduce myself (being nosey) because I wanted to smell her place. She didnt let me in but she opened the door and the place was very clean and smelled nice. She sometimes leaves her blinds open as well, and when I walk by it again seems smart and clean. So then Im left with the traffic. Its heavy traffic and they look at the ground on their way in and out. There are a few regulars but mostly they are random. Also last night I saw her bringing in laundry baskets loaded with clothes from her car but I see her at the onsite laundry every week. On of the other tenants think its shake and bake and that she is now brining it in. Last nights strange smell from sweet to chemical scared me to death. I have not spoken to the landlord out of fear of retaliation and am concerned that if she is investigated she could hurt myself or my son. Im pretty sure she would know its me. I stand out like a sore there. I put in an anymous tip to crime stoppers this morning…. wonder how this will go.

  14. nosey says

    ok… so my neighbors… they are really weird.. they leave and go two major cities 4 hours away from were we currently live… then when they return cars come at a steady pace. I never smelt any smells described here but I think they are burning somewhere else then coming back here and supplying other ppl who are actually selling the drugs… They do NOT do anything that makes them stand out except leave once a month and have lots of random visitors shortly after returning. Most of the ppl who come are NOT from our county I can tell cause the license plates in our state have the country on them. The guys are all brothers and they are all older men in there early to late 60’s they do not flash money or wear fancy clothes and they dont even have a car… but I am thinkin this could be there way of not standing out. One of the guys told me he has been in prison before.. Which really freaked me out.. I never been around ppl like this before, my x husband is a high rank in military… he is currently stationed in a foreign country.

    I reported there activity to the police but it seems that they really are NOT doing anything about it. I just feel uncomfortable leaving my kids here so I had to quit my job. I cannot move because of financial problems I cannot afford rent anywhere else. My son is special needs and I also dont want to change his school. and I was also thinking that if I move I can only afford the same range of rent and I could put myself in a more dangerous situation. My X helps but only with what he is required to do by law, which gives me the means to stay home and not HAVE to work… I have been praying…

    Anyways… do you think they are sellling drugs that are manufactured somewhere else??? and why arent the police doing anything about it??? Or does it take a long time to actually build a case against them?? or what…??? I am really concerned.. it isnt fair that the apartment owner mainly only rents to military ppl and most the ppl here are good decent ppl… but he wont evict these drug ppl… is it possible he is scared of them. Because I also suggested extra lighting and also surveilance cameras, which I am having installed by a friend of mine to record activity I am concerned about… and also catch whoever keeps stealing off my porch… HELP…. any advice is appreciated…. thanks…

  15. med says

    Ok so I hear drilling sounds about once a week next door. My neighbors are verry rude and instantly lock the door when they go in or out. They have light traffice but at odd times and when people knock on the door they stand and wait about four mins and then they answer. They both don’t work and are always late on rent. I don’t smell anything though. I have been in a meth explosion before and had no clue it was going on in the other room sense these people were unexperianced and were in there no longer then 30 mins before it happened. It was scary and thank god my daughter was not tthere. But my daughter is here now and I have lived here for a couple months and I don’t want to go through it again. Also they have a couple buckets “Mop” on the patio and the other day there was water everywhere. But that could mean nothing. They keep blinds closed so I can’t see in. What’s going on?

  16. Cpl. K. Divi says

    Economy. Job stability. Get to know your neighbors of all ethnic backgrounds and multicultural employment options will prevent the average citizen from falling victim to crime.

    Notifying police only increases your tax dollars and creates more suspicious traffic and more strange vehicles at odd times.

    Besides if you’re noticing something and there actually is something going on than law enforcement is already most likely aware of it themselves.

    And how does one have that much time on their hands to spy on their neighbors anyway? Why are you spying and what are you trying to hide?

    I personally walk my neighborhood at all hours of the night because I have been a victim of crime. My vehicles have been broken into and my house has been robbed more than once.

    The police do not do anything if they did they would be out of work. Crime would go down and they would get laid off of their jobs.

    I make friends with and am nice to the people that may or may not be involved in possible criminal activity because I don’t want my stuff to be stolen. And if it does get stolen hopefully being nice to the alleged bad guys will prompt a return of my stuff if some state methodone junkie robs my house again.

    Thank you

    As the world turns the planet is a healthier and safer place if we mind our own business and welcome the multi ethnic community.

    • 2muchtimeonurhands says

      Your the first person who has made any sense….i stay up all night i sleep during the day i work second shift….ill clean outside in the middle of the night wtf i didn’t know that was a problem…..maybe your “tweeker” keeps there binds closed bc they have money neighbors spying on there daily routines geez in going to shut my blinds for god sakes!!! And seriously if your spying on people so much you know what there doing in the middle of the night even? Maybe your trying to hide something? Or maybe your on mesh for being up so late…..some of u make sense but…. a few….come on now get a life …ur inspectingpeople garbage? I assure u method cooks don’t get by the law for very long so let the police do there job and quit being so money i couldn’t tell u what my neighbors of twelve years drives let alone care

  17. jc says

    my neighbor certainly is up throughout he night, wakes me up sometimes working on a car or something and banging around at all hours of the night. Then for a few days I see no lights at all, see no one, and think they moved… then they’re back and it starts again. my interaction with them certainly says they are “paranoid” and often “confused”. They guy never stops doing stuff which really amounts to nothing, just busy all the time. At this particular time he’s been running a generator for days, maybe lost power idk, and people stop by with 5 gallon buckets often. I can’t tell for sure but today he brought out the 5 gallon bucket full of liquid and put in the back of a truck and the guy left. people use his house (he’s early 20’s) like it’s thier own. certainly also, there is often very early morning activity, which is crazy cause they don’t work. There is a small boy in the house that seems to be neglected at times, then other days the dad goes out of his way to let the boy be happy. advice please.

    • says


      If you think that your neighbor is making meth, call police to report your observations and the fact that there is a young boy living in the house! The police need to investigate that situation, asap. If they are making meth in that house, that little boy’s life is in danger! Your intervention could be responsible for saving that child’s life. Don’t investigate yourself… it’s too dangerous. Stay safe. Do let law enforcement authorities know about what’s going on, though!

  18. frank says

    My house was vandalized approximately four months ago, most apparent was a pungent odor present throughout. Cleaning was like no other cleaning chore. Stains on floors and carpeting required repeated attempts without complete removal. It appeared, the stains were smearing the walls instead of cleaning them, without removing the odors, especially in the carpeting. I lifted a section of carpeting, and the wood floor underneath appears identically to a chemical spill(pictured in meth homes). Clothes, carpeting, furniture, personal belongings including hobby equipment all sprayed with said substance. Front lawn has the burn/dead spots(pictured in meth homes), Peach tree(over 40ys.old) died without any apparent reason with fruit almost grown. Soil in flower beds and garden became very gritty(sandy) rather than dense(heavy). I have new neighbors on the north side of residence:

    Is it possible these are the waste products from a lab that is being dumped to my residence and property?

    • says

      Judging by your description, it sounds like someone made meth in your house and dumped their leftover chemicals outside. Sigh. I’m so sorry to hear that. Cleaning a former meth lab, unless you’re a professional, can take a toll on human health, which is why former meth lab homes are considered to be hazardous waste sites. If I were you, I’d get the house tested for meth, as well as the soil and groundwater surrounding it. I would also not plant a garden in your yard or let children play in it; drink, cook, or wash with the water if the house uses well water; or allow anyone in the house until it has been professionally tested. If the house tests positive for meth, it should be professionally decontaminated. As someone who grows their own fruits and vegetables, and has a son who unknowingly bought a contaminated meth lab home, I can empathize with your losses, as well as your concerns. Please contact your local/state health department (if anyone answers the phone now that the government has shut down) to find out if they can direct your to individuals/companies that are certified to conduct meth lab testing on your home. Best of luck to you! Stay well!

  19. Family at wits end says

    Ok.. I read most of everyone comments, and I have to say,, you mentioned afew times calling the cops.. Well please read my story..
    About 7 months ago my physical disformed neighbor moved in his girlfriend after she was let out of jail, shortly after she moved in we noticed a large increased of foot traffic and odd behavior ( IE a lot of people young and old showing up, in cars, bikes, walking, AT ALL HOURS. Were talking 5-10 people daily , tons of trash laying all around, loud fights, garage Collecting ) people walking into our open car port, or once even in our home!! We called the cops on a daily base! Even when meth baggies end up in our yard…. Cops have told us UNLESS we have hard proof to get them into the house There nothing they can do! I had 3 sits down at the police station BEGGING FOR HELP. Well now.. My whole family and i are always fighting, issues sleeping, and we are all on edge . My daughters grades are failing, my husband and i have major headaches and body aches and have managed to have fights EVERY DAY,now!!
    The last baggy my poor daughter picked up and brought in to our home, i called the cops ASAP,

    AND THEY SAID I HAD IT IN MY HOUSE SO I COULD BE ARRESTED!! I tried to explain to the officer were it was, when my daughter picked it up. He said doesn’t matter were it came from what mattered was I HAD IT!! I live in a tiny town in flower mound tx. I am at wits end,, just the other day i crashed my car and i wished i died in it. I am so hopeless, tired and i hurt.. Not to mention my family feels the same. We are trying to buy a house, but husband and I cant agree on anything any more.
    The kicker to all of the is the home owner told the cops HIM SELF he feels that his girl friend is a dope dealer!! Still nothings done.. They have had 5 roommates in the 7 months as well. I am not the only neighbor who calls the cops either!! Also home owner tried to run gor mayor !! ” slow the growth ” Hopeless in texas

    • says

      If you’re not getting anywhere with the local cops, trying calling the Sheriff’s office, the State Police, the DEA, the local newspapers and tv stations.Whatever you do, don’t confront your neighbors. If they’re meth users, it could put your life and your family’s life in danger. Hang in there!

  20. Joseph says

    All summer long I have smelled in my neighborhood the smell of a smouldering fire being doused with water. The nauseating smell has even waken me early in the morning, giving me a headache & unable to go back to sleep. I have now called 911 three times about the smell and the local fire department has come out to investigate. The smoke comes from a neighboring house that I have been told has an illegal open flame. Can this be an illegal meth lab?

    • says

      Fire departments are usually familiar with chemical odors, even if they’re not familiar with meth labs, so I’m assuming that what you’re smelling is not fumes from a meth lab. Are there other signs that your neighbors may be addicted to meth?

  21. hector says

    I am wondering if the person with the dryer running 14+ hours ever found that it was a drug house. I have the EXACT same issue. Example: Sat 14+ hours, Sunday morning 4 hours, Monday 4 hours, Tuesday 8+ hours and still counting….There are two people in the house and a daughter with a toddler visits (may do laundry). I knocked on door because the vent whines is close to my bedroom and they refused to answer. There is always someone home….the only thing that is really odd is the amount of dryer time….the only thing upsetting is the endless whine the vent makes…..I am loosing sleep and have already talked to them about it. I googled the issue and was surprised this was the top hit.

  22. Concerned says

    I recently moved into a rental that is in the middle of a triplex. It’s a relatively nice neighborhood and everyone seems the be middle class with nothing too shady going on. Since we moved in there has been a strong chemical/sewer gas smell that the landlord and plumbers can’t fix or find a source for after 4 months of work. One neighbor keeps to themselves but seems nice when we met them but they always come outside and shut the door when you go over and refused to let the plumber go in to shut off the water main on multiple occasions. There isn’t strange activity over there and they don’t fit the typical meth house description. When the landlord asked to come inspect their plumbing yesterday they wouldn’t let him in and immediately after he left I heard cutting on the pipes or vents, scrapping, filling trash bags (our walls are paper thin) and vacuuming for 4 hours and today most of the smell is gone. Any ideas if this could be related to something illegal or if we should be concerned about our neighbors?

    • says

      Is your neighbor making meth? It’s hard to say, based on what you’ve described, however the smell of sewer gas has been reported in some meth lab busts. The landlord should definitely be inspecting your neighbor’s apartment and has the right to do so, as the owner of the property.

  23. Karen says

    The neighbor in my duplex has two older cars, which he rotates driving. He usually starts coming and going around 9:00 at night, and sometimes comes and goes until 2:00 or 3:00 am. He is gone only 15-20 minutes each trip, and sometimes trades cars. We live in a small town where everything closes at 8:00pm. There are some shady characters that hang around sometimes, and he seems paranoid and looks sallow. His house is nasty, full of blister-packages and trash strewn around the floor. He has used my trash can before, and I’ve seen something red thru the white trash bags (all I could think of was a pizza being thrown away, but it was thicker looking). I know he takes/shares psychotropic drugs because I know a landlord that kicked him out because of drug use and those hanging around. Sometimes there is much banging on the walls until late at night. I’m afraid of him — how can I have him checked out without alerting him to the fact that I was the one who told?

  24. Mad says

    My neighbor is a meth dealer/ maybe cook. She has bike and vehicle traffic at all hour, but mostly at night. She also has what seems to be a homeless camp in her backyard, where they take apart bikes, burn insulation off wire, and other things like that at all hours. I have seen drug deals myself. I’ve even befriended one of the users who lived there for a short period, with whom I used to work with and he confirmed that they are distributing. They are well known by the police, even been raided by the DEA a few years back( ten cars and tons of guns). I’ve also called and the police said they were aware of the activity. WHAT! I called animal control to pick up a stray dog. I told the police officer that came by my concerns and he said the same thing. They know whats going on, so why won’t they do something. They make noise all night and I can’t even knock on their door because there is a pit bull tied up protecting the entrance. I’ve been putting up with this for years. There are also kids over there sometimes… which is horrible… while their parents are busy doing tweeker activities. Where do I go next? I am fed up. I think they use the bike to hide the stuff. I do not want my kid to grow up next to a drug house. please help

    • says

      If you smell chemicals coming from the house, call the police right away! The police can enter their house without a search warrant due to “exigent circumstance” meaning that there is an immediate threat to the public’s safety. Let them know that they have children over there sometimes and that you also have a child! Whatever you do, DO NOT CONFRONT THEM. Their actions are unpredictable and typically violent! If you don’t get any response from the local police, contact the state police and/or the DEA and tell them what you’ve told me. Someone needs to intervene, if for no other reason, that the lives of children are in danger! Good luck to you! Stay safe! Stay out of their way!

  25. mike says

    I ‘am a trash man and have picked u 6 labs in my truck in the past year and a half.Should i have any woories about my health and if so what should i do.I will say all six have been turned over to our local drug agencie

    • says

      Hi Mike. I can understand your concerns. The short answer to your question is yes, breathing in meth lab chemicals is bad for your health. Also, meth labs can catch fire and or explode without warning, which also puts your safety in danger. Thank you for your comment and for reminding everyone that meth labs are a danger to everyone, not just the people that make meth! Be careful! If you see a meth lab or meth lab chemicals, don’t touch or move them, call the cops and let them know! They will need to send someone that is qualified to neutralize the chemicals and take them to a hazardous waste facility. Be careful, Mike!

  26. hector says

    How do police track and bust meth? Does it have to wait until the users or makers are far gone and everything is a nuisance? Are there dogs that can sniff use or manufacture? Is there a device to sniff air chemical levels? What if the house is repainted?

    I want to believe my neighbors are just poor depressed and jobless, but they are keeping me up all night, never leaving the home all at once, chain smoking outside my window, constantly checking there car alarms, making 3 minute trips all night, and running the dryer 14 hours a day every three weeks. Only once I have I smelled something chemical though. Wam in the morning it was two houses away and smelled like super strong cleaners for a dishwasher or tile cleaner. I can’t decribe it because it was so strong. I can explain this all away as 4nearly jobless adults, cigarette addicted, veteran with panic who are night owls with 3kids and a dog

  27. Rachael says

    I think my neighbor has some kind of meth lab– he used to be a nice young gentleman–then these people moved in across the street and that was the end of the nice young gentleman. He dropped tons of weight in a small amount of time, and he always has girls coming over from across the street. Also sometimes there are large group of people that come out of his house and its really early in the morning. One time I was coming home and there was a black suv in his drive way and I saw him taking these tubs out of the back of it and looking around suspiciously– then the next morning I could smell the smell of burnt rubber or something. Also he came up to my door one day saying some guys were trying to break into his house and so he made his way up to my house and that his cell phone was dead– I did not really know what was going on so I let him use my phone to call the police–he called the police and they informed me that he is high on drugs– I probably should have had him arrested but I was half asleep and did not realize what needed to be done. I did not see unusual activity going on for a while– but just a day ago I started seeing suspicious behavior again— Should I go down to the police station and request them to keep an eye on his and the neighbors house? I am not sure what the best thing to do is. Luckily we have guns in our home so if something did happen we have protection.

    • says

      I would report what you’ve observed to the police. Whatever you do, don’t try to investigate the situation yourself. Meth abuse and violence typically walk hand-in-hand.

  28. Randy says

    I suspect that my ex wife is using meth around my son, possible even cooking it. The last time he came home from her house I received a call from someone telling me that she had saw her shooting up with him in the room. I noticed these little bumps on his arms and was told that if she was cooking it with him in the room that the bumps could be cased by the gas during the cooking process. Is this true and if so is there a way to determine if they are caused from that. They don’t seem to bother him.

    • says

      Exposure to meth lab chemicals can cause skin rashes. If you suspect that your ex-wife is cooking and or using meth, you should report it to the police asap, for your son’s safety.

  29. Kayla. says

    I have had very few times where my neighbor would be coming to my house asking me for cigarettes, he’s even asked my boyfriend for a ride to an “urgent job that needed to be done” and he also sells all types of furniture by the road. used furniture, he’s sold 5 couches in the past 2 months. and a woman, a scraggly looking woman comes and gives him money, and more furniture. he was also peeking in our windows while I was sleeping since my windows closest to his house and I get a front row seat to these shananagins. he was also looking into my other neighbors window, and he has thousands of dollars of car repair equipment in his garage.
    I’ve tried calling the police and they’ve done nothing about it. I’m not sure what else I can do.

  30. says

    A neighbor (who has toally blacked out windows on the second floor) has been seen empting a large bag of yellow liquid into our waste water sewer in the street, twice. There are many young kids that live there with many adults, can’t tell who belongs to whom. Would a meth lab produce a yellowish waste?

  31. Ree says

    A really good friend of mine has lost a bunch of weigh and never eats. The people she lives with are all on meth and they tweak all the time and do not take care of their children. I’ve always thought she didn’t eat because there was no food, but now I’m starting to wonder if she is on meth as well. I don’t really know how I can tell because she takes up for her people and gets mad when I say they’re doing wrong by not feeding the kids. She says I’m judging and I shouldn’t be talking about her family like that but her odd behavior lately has got me wondering. pleAse I need your help

  32. syck says

    Hi, i have a question. Generally, i live in a home with 5 adults and two children. 2 of the adults are known for using meth. About 2 months ago outside of my house smelt like burning paper i didnt think anything of it because the person who did it could of just wanted to light something on fire. But a week later there was some finding in his room. A bag of resdue with less than a gram of meth in it along with a meth pipe in my yard and a bunch of viles with black residue in it and not hash or pot. Today i went to work when i came home my house smelt like burning paper it was really gross. When i asked what happened, i was lied to.

    Why would they burn paper in thr house? To cover up a smell right?

    • says

      It’s hard to know why you’re smelling the odor of burning paper. If they are burning paper to cover up meth smoke, they are doing a lot more than making it smell gross. Smoking meth in a house causes contamination by meth and the chemicals used to make it.

  33. Laurie says

    I have roommates that keep flipping one of the electrical circuits. Afraid their cooking meth, but it doesn’t look like a whole lot of energy is needed. What electrical unit is commonly used and how much energy does it pull?

  34. Family of four says

    Their are 4 or more adults living next door, only one has a job. Where we live is infested with roaches and the neighbor never lets the pest control guy in. They are up all the time. They have a dog and somedays i never notice the dog being let out. I keep breaking out in hives and have bad headaches everyday. I smell musty chemicals but I am not sure if its from the bug spray. They smoke inside. I hear pounding, like a hammer for more than three hours. They arent talkative, but they keep their front door open. I have no idea what they are doing.

  35. Nelson says

    my neighbor is throwing sooo much water outside- summer, winter it doesnt matter what season it is -buckets after buckets . they are very loud and noisy at night and they like to smoke their cigarettes on the front porch as they watching the street ,.not talking about the amount of garbage that they have exposed near their garage ..also, they are burning some wood because it smells like smoke at times..Is this a sign of a meth house ?

  36. Lee says

    I had once lived in an lower apartment, four years ago, when I noticed a yellow, thick substance (which had a sweet scent) had dripped on some stuff in a closet from some where above. I recently found
    out that a man had been making meth in the upper apartment above us. I’m concerned because I had my book collection on a shelf in the closet. After I discovered the substance, I checked my books and removed them from the closet; after seeing nothing on them. I’m wondering if my books
    are okay to keep (knowing that paper is porous and could have absorbed any chemical odor and small particles in the air)? This really bothers me.

    • says

      Unfortunately, the only way to know if your books are contaminated with meth lab chemicals are to have them tested. If are contaminated, methlab clean up experts typically recommend that be thrown away. Once microscopic chemical contaminants get embedded in porous materials like books, they are impossible to remove.

  37. sbc says

    My mom moved into an over 55 community a few years ago. once the neighbors moved in, my mom got so ill that now she is bedridden. i have had to keep my own house but have had to move my young daughter and myself in with my mom to take care of her. we smell burning a lot of nights at 2 am so we called the aren’t allowed to have that going on, as the units are duplexes and very close to one another, and VERY close to a wooded/grass and vegetation covered area. we are always smelling something like nail polish or nail polish remover, or acetate during the evening and night. now there is a giant sewage smell all throughout my mom’s apartment. these people live in the next building up from my mom. the man is constatnly pacing around the backyard and they used to have a vicious small dog that almost bit me and my daughter, egged on by this man. he cooks on his grill in the middle of the night. we will see them for days hanging around outside but then not see them for days and days, things piling up on their porch, etc. we have definitely smelled pot smoke before and tried to report it to the people who own this plan but they do nothing. they finally got rid of the dog, but the people are getting worse and worse. the sewage smell is so bad that i am exceedingly dizzy and can’t function some days just from being so dizzy. my daughters grades are slipping and we are all snappish with each other. my mother has rashes and can’t breath right, and my daughter can’t breathe right either. my mom can’t be moved..she has been in bed for over 2 years and i can’t get her out of here…what should we do? the police went up to investigate when we told them about the huge fire pit in the small back yard, but they never went in, the woman was so drunk and high that she couldn’t walk a straight line, and she told them the chemical smell was lighter fluid that she put too much on the fire.the police did NOTHING. they just left. didn’t even investigate anything.
    i really feel they are cooking meth. the chemical smells..the absences, the man urging his dog to bite me. he actually tried to run my daughter and i over in a local supermarket parking lot! he started following us around after we called the police, to every place i went. he would sit outside and just gun his engine at me. i told management but they didn’t do much. he stopped following me but is still doing all the same stuff. up all night long, checmical smells, he is always pacing around and glaring at us. he chain smokes outside….does this sound like drug behavior to you? we need to know what to do. i want mymom to call the police again..and someone about the air quality in this area. something is wrong.

    • says

      You should go to the police station and let them know what’s going on, asap! I’d also let the health department know about the odors, rashes, dizziness, and respiratory issues you’ve been experiencing. You could also notify the DEA and CDC. If you don’t get the assistance you need from those agencies, you might want to contact your local media outlets (t.v. stations, newspapers) and ask them to investigate.

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