Meth cook hides out in home of South Bend Indiana senior citizen

High on meth, Kane Edward Hively, 27, of Pierceton, broke in to the home of an elderly woman and told her that he feared for his life. When police arrived at the home of an elderly female Leesburg resident, they found Kane sitting in a rocking chair in her home.

Kane then told police that there was a meth lab located in the home next door to the woman’s home. Upon investigation of the adjacent property, police found the components of a meth lab and arrested Kyler Lee Northrup, 23, Leesburg, and James Joseph Meyer, 25, of Cromwell. Both suspects were under the influence of drugs and police determined they were unable to care for the two children that were found in the residence. Both suspects had prior arrests for neglecting a dependent.

Source:Riordan, Daniel, “Three arrested in Break-in, Meth lab incident”, Times-Union, 8/29/08.

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