Merced County California has been busy busting meth labs

Sheriff Mark Pazin of Merced County, California is keeping busy these days, according to a report by the Merced Sun-Star. They have reported close to 100 meth lab incidents already this year, the latest of which was a bust this week of a super lab located at 17497 Letteau Ave.  Police estimate that by the amount of meth waste they witnessed,  the lab had been used to produce at least 100 pounds of methamphetamine. With meth labs producing 4 to 6 pounds of waste per pound of meth produced, there was between 400 and 600 pounds of toxic waste found at the site.

Last month, police arrested 35-year-old Jorge Alvarez, after he sold 4 pounds of meth to a drug enforcement agent. Alvarez has remained in jail since his arrest. Four others were also charged in the incident. This week, his wife, 40-year-old Ana Alvarez, was arrested on suspicion of manufacturing meth at the couple’s home, when she arrived at the home while police were present. Inside the home, police found the makings of their meth super-lab. In addition to drug possession, sales, and manufacturing charges, the Alvarez couple may also face charges of child endangerment, due to the fact that their two children, ages 4 and 14, lived with them in the home.

Source: Patton, Victor, “State agents raid Delhi home, find meth super-lab” Merced Sun-Star, 9/12/08

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