Meet Brad Hearon: Former meth lab cook and burn survivor

brad-hearonBrad Hearon, former meth lab cook and burn survivor, was making meth in his El Camino pickup on the night of January 7, 2003, thinking it would be no different than any other time that he’d made meth.  But, he was wrong, almost dead wrong. Doctors gave him less than a 1% chance of surviving the burns he received on that fateful night, when his meth lab exploded.

An excerpt from Brad’s My Space Page, says “I went to take my last breath, but my car door opened, and I rolled out. I cried out to God, not only for my life, but also for forgiveness. Forgiveness for all the wrong things I had done. Forgiveness for my fleshly ways, forgiveness for denying Him. And at that moment as I rolled on the ground and finally stopped burning I said thank you Lord. I stood up and looked down at my hands and arms, and I knew it wasn’t good. All I had on were my boxers and one sock. Everything else had burned off but I was alive. Barely, but alive. The guy that was with me went for help, and that was the scariest 3 or 4 hours of my life. I was left by myself out in the middle of the country with no one to help me.”

Brad Hearon is now an inspirational speaker, who talks to kids with the hope of keeping them from going down the road that he went down.  If you’ve ever wondered just how dangerous meth labs are, reading Hearon’s story will make it crystal clear.

Please visit Brad’s My Space Page to learn more about him and his story of survival and transformation.

*Originally published on July 5, 2009.


  1. says

    Dear Brad,

    I would like to thank you for sharing your challenging and inspirational message to the students of the Avery County Schools on March 9, 2012. The assemblies you presented were some of the most powerful and meaningful assemblies that I have personally ever witnessed in a school setting during my thirty years as an educator. I’ve heard these same comments from students and staff alike and truly believe that what was said in the two assemblies impact our school system and students for countless years to come. If an individual could have heard what you said and not be moved then they are truly not human

    As our students are being faced daily with choices and decisions that will affect their lives for years to come, there is no doubt that your words will provide guidance to them. Hopefully, your willingness to share the experiences of your life will provide guidance to our students for many years. Because of what you shared, many students have already asked how they can help their fellow classmates avoid the dangers of drug abuse.

    Again, thank you for caring about our young people and making yourself available to them. I wish you continued success in your efforts. If you make a difference in the life of only one student, your work will not be in vain.

    Sincerely yours,

    David C. Burleson

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