Kentucky Senate raises limit on pseudoephedrine purchases before passing bill

The Kentucky Senate passed a bill to restrict the sale of pseudophedrine today, but not before it raised the limits noted in the original bill.

In the original bill, Senate Bill 3, that was initiated by Senate Majority Leader Robert Stivers, pseudoephedrine buyers in Kentucky would only be allowed to buy 3.6 grams of pseudoephedrine in a month and no more than 15 grams in a year.

(pictured) KY Senator Robert Stivers

By the time Stiver’s bill passed with a vote of 25-11, the Senate opted to raise the monthly purchase limit to 7.2 grams per month and the yearly limit to 24 grams.  Consumers requiring more than the limit allows will be required to get a doctor’s prescription.

The pharmaceutical industry’s lobby group, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, reportedly spent close to $200,000 to oppose a prescription pseudoephedrine law in KY.

The bill approved by the Senate this morning, will now head to the Kentucky House.



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