Jacksonville Florida: Meth lab explodes in Park Place apartment building

Jacksonville, Florida:  On Tuesday night, nearly two dozen residents had to leave their Park Place Apartment homes in Jacksonville, after a meth lab exploded on the second floor in an back apartment located at the  7541 S. Habersham Circle complex. Luckily, no one was injured by the blast, although the whereabouts of the couple who lived in the apartment and their health condition is still unknown.

At approximately 7:15 p.m., residents called 911 to report an explosion that shattered several windows in the building and sent shards of glass flying out on to parking lot at the complex. Unsure of what caused the blast and fearing a second explosion, Jacksonville police and the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department hazardous materials team decided to proceed cautiously with their investigation. When they entered the building at approximately 10 p.m. , they determined that a meth lab explosion had caused the blast.

The massive explosion has completely destroyed the apartment where a  man in his 20s, a pregnant woman, and two large dogs had previously been living, according to Kevin Pughakoff, a resident of the building. Pughakoff  is one of many residents who were banned from returning to their Park Place apartments by officials who feel the building now poses a public health and safety risk.  While some residents have found shelter in the homes of family and friends, at least three families are being sheltered by The Red Cross. Officials concerned about the building’s structural integrity and the contamination caused by the meth lab chemicals blast don’t yet know when the displaced residents will be allowed to return to their homes.


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