Is my neighbor making meth in the apartment next door?

Do strange sounds, odors, and odd behavior mean that a neighbor is making meth?

Letter: “My roommate and I frequently hear a very strange noise coming from the apartment right next to ours. It’s like a clicking or tapping noise that happens repeatedly for about 10-15 seconds, then it stops, and then it starts up again. We can think of no correlation to the sound or what might be the cause of it since it happens at very different times of day and night and never last the same amount of time.

Also, we have smelled a strange smell many times. It’s kind of similar to the smell of weed, but something is different about it and I don;t think that it is weed.

Also, we cannot determine how many people live there, whether it is two or three. We have been able to observe one of the neighbor’s behavior and have found it to be odd. We have seen him walking to the adjacent complex with a back pack. I would have thought he was walking to class at the local college except he was walking the complete opposite direction. He absolutely never parks in our lot, but instead parks his vehicle in the lot of the complex next to us. Even more strange, he doesn’t park in the back of their lot reserved for visitor or extra vehicle, but right up in front of one of the apartment where the residents of the apartment park. They are extremely unfriendly. Once, my friend said hi and the female looked at him but refused to reply.

They have a dog that barks at any noise and is very aggressive.

However, it is a small dog and appears to be well taken care of. Their windows are always drawn. I’m suspicious
of what they might be doing over there because of the strange smell and noise and also because of their
odd behavior.

I am hoping you guys can help me make some kind of sense of this.”

Meth Lab Homes Comment:

Based on what you’ve observed, I can understand why you might be concerned. Strange noises, odors, and odd behavior can all be related to someone making meth, however that doesn’t mean that’s what your neighbor is doing. If you fear that your neighbor is making meth, you should notify your apartment manager and/or the police department and discuss what you have observed with them, along with your concerns. Stay safe!




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