How to find a meth lab in Jefferson County Missouri

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has posted a listing of meth labs that includes meth labs busts from 2007 and 2008. Note that the postings say it contains “some” of the meth lab busts. If you don’t see an address on the list, it does not mean that the home is safe. If you moved in to or moved to a home in Jefferson County in 2007 or 2008, you can check the list to make sure that the home you’re currently living in isn’t contaminated.

Sellers and landlords should disclose that to anyone who is buying or renting from them, but that doesn’t mean that always happens. Some will avoid disclosing that fact because the cost of decontaminating the property is very costly. Always, call the police department or the local health department and ask them if the property has even been used as a meth lab, if you plan on renting or buying a home or business. As added insurance, speak to the neighbors who live near the property you’re interested in. Neighbors are a good source of information about activities that have occurred in the neighborhood. If neighbors say someone was making meth and you don’t find the house on the list, don’t discount what they’ve told you. Play it safe and get the facts before you rent or buy!

You can view the list from Jefferson County by clicking on this link.

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