How to decontaminate furniture and mattresses

We are dealing with a meth lab cleanup on our property, courtesy of previous occupants.  We have demolished the contaminated structure and are building new, which has drained every last resource we have.  Now, we are faced with the dilemma of how to decontaminate our furniture- couches and mattresses, mainly.  We can’t afford to replace them, and after the nightmare we’ve gone through, just don’t trust second hand or donated items. Does anyone know of a proven way to do this, without exceeding the cost to just buy new items?


  1. Tiggertoy says

    Anything that is fabric needs to be thrown out. There is just no way to make sure. Best way to replace your times is to get donated items is through a local church from a known member, even if you are not religious, a lot of times they will help. Places like Salvation Army don’t always like to pick up couches and stuff, because a lot of them are too hard to get rid of. A nice church can send out an email blast to their members asking if anybody is in need of an upgrade and need someone to take furniture of their hands.

    Here’s some info I found:

    • says

      Thanks for your comment Tiggertoy. I have heard the same thing. Fabrics can be cleaned, although professionals won’t guarantee that all of the contaminants have been removed. Thanks for the info link too!

      • Tim says

        so you dont think you can afford to throw everything away …well can you afford to get sick or sicker..or can you afford to loose years off your life being sick. not to mention the medical bills..

        and stop the spread of assumption…IT CANNOT BE CLEANED ..SAYS THE HEAD SCIENTIST FROM CDC AND EPA…IT CANNOT BE CLEANED ..ANYTHING POUROUS. HAS TO BE THROWN AWAY . paper , wood, plastic ,cloth of any kind..and depending on the chemicals could etch metal and glass..not every meth situation or meth house is the same …stop making assumptions..

        trust me I tried and wound up loosing it all in the end and almost my life …ive spoken too dozens of toxicologist..and the head scientist of every local and national emergency hotlines for bio-hazard contamination ..people need to be educated as to how serious this is ..

        and by all means stay out of thrift stores…they hold tons of contaminates that has been donated and shipped around the country..its just spreading it more..

  2. Jessica says

    So theres absolutely nothing you can do to decontaminate the furniture.
    I have a similar issue where someone I know was smoking Meth in a room that we were storing our couches. Is that any different than a Meth Lab?

      • Jay says

        You said that methlabs and smoking meth are different but still spread contaminants, what is the difference? I don’t want to get rid of this furniture, but I will if it is better for my family. I inherited a few things from a brother in law and found out recently that meth was smoked in the home wen the furniture was present. Should I throw it away?

        • says

          That’s what the experts recommend, Jay. Your other option is to hire someone to test it. If it’s contaminated, then they’ll let you know. If it can be saved, a methlab clean up contractor will let you know what it will cost you to have it decontaminated.

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