What health problems do meth labs cause ?

The risk of injury from chemical exposure depends on the chemical itself, the concentration, the quantity, and the length and route of exposure. Chemicals may enter the body by being breathed, eaten, injected (by a contaminated needle or accidental skin prick), or absorbed by the skin, according to the Washington State Environmental Health and Safety Agency.  Anyone spending time in an active or former meth lab faces health risk and sometimes death. Children, because of their small  stature and still developing brains and vital organs, are especially vulnerable to the health problems caused by homes filled with toxic chemicals.

Photobucket Acute Exposure: An acute chemical exposure is one that occurs over a relatively short period of time and may result in health effects. An acute exposure to high levels of contaminants found in methamphetamine labs can cause shortness of breath, cough, chest pain, dizziness, lack of coordination, chemical irritation, and burns to the skin, eyes, mouth and nose, and in severe cases, death. Acute reactions of this nature could occur during or immediately after a drug bust, before the lab has been ventilated.

Less severe symptoms resulting from a less acute exposure can cause headache, nausea,dizziness, and fatigue or lethargy. These symptoms have been known to occur in people who have entered a drug lab after the bust has been completed, but before the property has been adequately cleaned and ventilated.  These milder health effects can be felt by anyone spending a short time in a non-active meth lab.

Corrosive Effects:
Inhalation or skin exposure may result in injury from corrosive substances present in a methamphetamine lab. Symptoms range from shortness of breath, cough, chest pain, to burns to the skin.


Exposure to solvents can irritate the skin, mucous membranes, respiratory tract, and cause central nervous system effects. Because they can cause fires and explosions, they also present a danger of severe burns.

Chronic Exposure:

Chronic exposure occurs over an extended period of time, such as weeks, months, or years. A chronic health effect is one that usually appears after a lengthy period of time, possibly years. Not much is known about the chronic health effects from these labs. However, there is scientific evidence from animal and human toxicity studies that shows the chemicals used in the manufacture of this drug can cause a range of health effects. These include cancer, damage to the brain, liver and kidneys, birth defects, and reproductive problems, such as miscarriages.  Chronic exposure is a problem for individuals and families living in former meth labs that have not been decontaminated.  Police and narcotics agents have been involved with meth lab busts for many years have also experienced serious health problems, including death,  from being exposed to meth lab chemicals.

If you suspect a dwelling or property may be an illegal lab, contact your local police, or sheriff’s department. If you own property which has been used as an illegal lab and would like a list of chemicals confiscated during the bust, contact the law enforcement agency responsible for the bust, such as local police or Sheriff, State Patrol, or Federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

Originally published on this site on June 9, 2009.


  1. emily says

    Thank you for posting this site!! I am a step parent to 4 children that have a meth abuser mother and the youngest almost died at 6 months old from the meth. He has many problems with memory, it takes him at least 10 secounds or so to even answer questions and also just looks at you with a blank expression…so frustrating…He is 11 now and I have been there step mom for over 7 years now and we have been thru many nurological testing, hearing tests and so on…He is also on an IEP becouse he has a hard time with normal everyday things…He also at this age can not be alone in the bathroom or take a bath alone with the door closed becouse he has hallucinations that somthing is going to get him…He will be 12 in February…The children times before would also come home from summer vacations having to always go to the doctors and need inhailors and so on…Please help me keep my sanity!! We are raising 7 together…I want to thank you so much again for having this site becouse others need to know!!

    • says

      You are the one who should be thanked, Emily. You are giving those children the care they should have gotten from their parents. Children are the ones who are suffering the most from the meth problem in America. It’s tragic. Best of luck to you. You’re doing a great thing! Thank you for your kind words. I do appreciate them.

    • Megan says

      Congrats to you I am sorry for what has happened to your family but atleast you are there for them with you they will carry on and I am sure it will all turn out ok atleast they have you and your family!! Hats OFF TO YOU!!!

  2. Mary says

    My 23 year old daughter has developed some of the symptoms noted in this article. A couple of years ago she had a one year lease in an apartment building with drug dealers. There were customers climbing up and down the stairs all night. Now, we are wondering how meth exposure can be diagnosed in a person who has been exposed. With exposure to lead, a person would have a high blood lead level. Are there physical markers for meth exposure too?

  3. Momof4 says

    My daughter lived in a house that was suspected of meth making due to things found in the house after previous renters were evicted in Tennessee. While she lived there she suffered a stillbirth at 5 months with no explanation as to why. The drs couldnt figure it out. She moved and had another stillbirth at 5 and 1/2 months with again no explanation. Could this have been from living in that house even after she moved?

    • says

      Mom of 4,

      I am so sorry about your daughter’s loss. Sigh. There is no way to know for sure what caused her stillbirths, however there is evidence that the chemicals found in a contaminated meth lab home can damage the reproductive system of both men and women and can pass from the mother to the fetus through the placenta. After birth, studies also show that the chemicals can pass through a mother’s breast milk.

      Studies about the effects of chronic exposure to the chemicals used to make meth are still on the government’s “to do” list. However, many other organizations and professionals have done studies about the dangers of these chemicals. If you read the labels on any of these chemicals, it’s not hard to see just how toxic the chemicals used to make meth are. Further evidence of the dangers of these chemicals can be seen by the breathing apparatus and head-to-toe coverings that HazMat teams use when they are called in to clean up a meth lab home. If these homes weren’t dangerous to our health, then why do they have to wear so much protection when they enter them?

      My heartfelt condolences go out to your daughter and to your family. God bless and protect all of your from this day forward.

  4. Tim says

    I can tell you first hand of some of the many many side effects of living in or near a meth house . First off I got sinus infections and headaches, which lead to respiratory problems. This went on for some time. It later lead to burning of the skin.

    Horrible mood swings, depression to the point I was willing to end it. loss of memory, forgetting the things I just did. I lost several years of memory I still have friends ask me “dont you remember ” such and such we did..and I cant. I have no memory of it what so ever to this day. Happy and up one day and 3 days depressed. It cost me some very dear relationships to this day. I was always tired and achy, bones joints and muscles hurt everywhere..always felt like my brain was on fire literally.

    Sharp pains behind my eyes and streaks of light flashing different colors. Everyone told me it was an early midlife crisis and laughed it off. The medical community told me it was anxiety and stress.

    My body would involuntarily jerk and twitch. like electrical pulses coarseing through my body and a constant metal taste in my mouth .

    It was later determined that I had mercury poisoning from the meth house ..when they pulled pseudoephedrine off the shelves the makers of meth then started using mercury because of the hallucinogenic properties of it ..and pure grade iodine in powder form and those mixed with hydrogen phosphate,muriatic acid, lithium batteries, and propane, and so many other components found in the home I was sold. Its a wonder the home didn’t explode.

    It’s a wonder I didn’t lose my life after being lived in it for 3 years before I knew it was a former meth lab that was still contaminated some 55 times national legal limits.

    • Linda says

      My boys and I moved into a rental the end of June of this year. The owner layed new carpet and new laminant (fake wood) flooring throughout the house except the bathrooms and kitchen, which still has the old laminant. Everything is newly painted as well as the garage floor. There was a small fire in the garage which still has leftover soot throughout the garage. I found out the previous owner was kicked out due to non-payment and has since then been arrested for drug possession. I do not know what kind of drugs. The current owner purchased the home from the bank. I know the guys name who was arrested, because I keep getting mail for him. Since we moved in, my 10 year old has been suffering from on and off nose bleeds, stomach aches, sore throats, sinus problems and unusual fatigue. My 14 yr. old has suffered from dry and sore throat, sinus problems and unusual fatigue. I have suffered from extreme fatigue, lethargy, headache, severe dry sinuses with occasional nose bleed (which I have never had), and muscle and body aches. I have spoken with an undercover drug officer about the address of the home and it has never been busted as a meth lab, but I know that doesn’t mean it wasn’t used as one. What should my next step or steps be and should I be concerned? I have a fairly good friendship with my landlord. Thank you to whoever is able to answer me quickly!!!!!!

      • Jason S. says

        First off Linda I would say that there is only three things you can do to find out. First, contact the neighbors; they’ll know for sure. Second, check out the local police station for info or even local websites that possibly list houses that were used for meth production. Last, hire someone to test your place.

        Your story has reinforced that I made the right decision to pull out of the contract that I was just about to put on a pre-existing meth lab. The owner cleaned everything and put in new floors, paint and all the cosmetics. The truth is that nobody knows what chronic exposure to even the most minute traces of the chemicals that meth cooking releases will do to a person.

        Good luck and I’d get out of that place if I were you.

    • cmw says

      I believe my renters used meth, moved back in January of this year but my husband has been here longer. What effects can this cause? I have had dizziness, can’t breathe at night, (sometimes), diahrrea, eat something have pain in stomach…..moody. My husband forgets things he has said, eats a lot but is losing weight. How can you test?

  5. Dean says

    I was a police officer working narcotics, and was exposed to the chemicals from a meth labratory. It ended my 15 year career, caused inflamation and burning of my throat and lungs. After several long painful operations I am left with 2/3’s of my lungs, frequent debilitating migranes and a 5+ year legal battle to get my pension. This was after exposure to the chemicals in an enclosed area for no more than 5 minutes.

    • ShellyW says

      I’m really sorry that you’ve had to go through all of this! I hope things v gotten better for you!

  6. Beca says

    As a member of Narcotics Anonymous, with many years clean off of Heroin, Missouri still has some pretty big problems with Meth. I moved here from California two years ago, clean and sober. When I found an NA meeting and I am still go to it, I was floored at the % of our members drug of choise was… Meth @ 95 % at our meeting. Many of our members say that getting arrested saved their lives, as they could not stop on their own. My suggestion to parents now a days….. Don’t worry if your kid gets mad at you now about checking their bedrooms, friends and where they abouts. Or even drug testing them yourself! If you even get a small hint that they experimenting with ANY drugs, take charge NOW. You and they can deal with their hurt feelings later. Parents today are too worried about hurting their kids feelings. Feelings don’t kill you…. drugs do!

  7. Lovemygirls says

    My daughter was diagnosed with adhd two years ago. My ex-husband, her father, has been or is a meth addict. Is there a possibility that he may have smoked around her or the chemicals in his home could have caused her condition?

    • Jason S. says

      There is a chance of meth exposure, her actually having adhd or your doctor is mis-diagnosing. I personally have a problem with doctors and their over diagnosis of physical/mental ailments to the young children of our society. Recently my nieces grandmother wanted to put her on drugs (she is 7) because the doctors say she has adhd after her teachers suggested for a check on the disorder. The girl sucks down more freaking sugar than anyone I know, mostly thanks to the grandmother who wants to drug her up at the ripe age of 7. Welcome to America.

  8. Lynn says

    I have been living two doors away from a meth lab. We have finally contacted the right people to take care of this. How do I get my house tested and by who. I have a lot of the syptoms mentioned above and so does my husband. This is a nightmare and by far the most stressed out I have ever been. What about pets?

    • says


      First of all, I hope that the health problems that you and your husband are having are not too serious. Pets, like people, are also effected by the toxic chemicals in and near a home that’s being used to make meth. One family, that I spoke to from TX, realized they might be living in a former meth lab, when their dog began having seizures after they moved in to a new home.

      Meth labs in apartment buildings can cause those living in the apartments adjacent to them to have health issues. While their neighbor is making meth, the fumes from the cooking process can easily travel to neighboring apartments.

      Each state has its own list of people that are qualified to do meth lab testing. Beware of hiring just anyone who “says” that they do testing. You need someone certified to do the testing, in order to get an accurate test done in your home, that will provide you with a list that will include many of the chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine, in addition to meth. Which state are you in?

  9. Julie says

    Every thing I have researched on this stuff I find it hard to believe the users are still alive after using this stuff.

  10. rebecca says

    I have 2 sons 18 months and 8 months well my youngest keeps gettin these bumps on him the docs say they don’t know what it is and my oldest got a very bad rash on his legs the doc said it was from not changing the diaper well my kids have never had health problems or rashes until me and my ex split up and wheb they spent time wit him they would get worse and worse and for a while they stopped seeing him and their symptoms or whatever went away now that he trys to be a dad and see them again they gettin it back well I had found out that he was using meth and I think my boys were around it or someone or someplace they had done it but idk what else to look for and how I can know for a fact

    • says

      I am in fear for your children, considering what you’ve told me. The first thing that I would do is stop letting your ex take your children without being supervised! I would also talk to the police and your sons’ doctor about your suspicions about your ex using meth. Ask for their advice about what you can do to protect your children.

      If your ex is using meth, he may be making meth too. Many meth addicts are now making their own meth, because it’s easy and cheap to do and they can make money off of selling it to others. But, whether he is using or making meth, your childrens’ health and safety are in danger, when they are with him.

  11. upsetperson says

    I don’t know what to do. I was sitting in my apartment with my mother this evening when all of a sudden this horrible burning throat swelling fume entered my apartment. It has been 3 hours since this incident and I am still in shock with a really bad headache and a really bad itchy feeling all over. I have lived in my apartment now for 5 months with no incidents and all of a sudden we have a increase of night noise. A few nights a shotgun was fired and it was so close it made my ears ring. Idk if this is a meth lab or it was mace but i have been maced before and I never felt like this. Is there someone I can go to in Brevard county florida to report this with out being known as I do value my life and my families. oh and fyi I am breaking my lease ASAP this is no place to live.

  12. very concerned mother says

    My daughter who is 13 months old has been very sick with a bacteria that keeps forming in her blood stream and the drs cannot figure out what is causing it. Me and her father split up and I just recently found out that he had a meth lab in our home and is a daily user. Could previous exposure be causing my daughters problems?

    • says

      Exposure to meth and the toxic chemicals to make meth can cause illness, especially in infants and young children. Whether or not your daughter is sick because of her exposure is something that her doctors will have to investigate. It is important that you let your daughter’s doctors know that she was exposed to meth and meth lab chemicals, so they can do all that they can to help her. Are you still living in the home where he was using and cooking meth? If you are, you need to move out of there with your daughter, asap!

  13. CiCi says

    I live in a duplex and the people downstairs were seriously heavy drug users, they used to smoke marijuana but sometimes the smell would get worse. You could tell it was different from just regular smoke, they said they were cooking and their food went on the oven, but the burning sensation and headaches we got because of that smell which managed to make its way up stairs…
    By some miracle, they got deported and when we had to clean up the apartment, we found lines of coke, blades, weed, and the oven looks as if there had been an explosion. Everything has been cleaned from top to bottom.
    I used to be able to work during the evening on my essays, B+ all the way.
    Now I’m always tired, even though I sleep 8hrs+ per day, constant headache, moody, and no motivation, and depressed when I used to be a positive type of person.
    It’s been 2 weeks since they left but there’s still no change in my condition; if I were to seek medical attention, would i be able to get better with medication? Or with time, my condition will change?
    My brother seems to have been affected as well, he seems to have lost a lot of weight.

      • CiCi says

        By the look of the substance, a white like powder, we assumed it to be coke and not meth.
        We came to this conclusion after a certain visitor, who happened to have done a few years in police academy but took a leave due to pregnancy, told us it looked like a drug nest.

        She’s the one who noticed the little things and we just came to the same conclusion when we cleaned the apartment; they literally took a backpack each and left all their furniture (if you can call what was left furniture…)

        And no, I have yet to visit a doctor, I’m asthmatic though. I keep on saying to myself how it’s only a bad cold but I’ve never been prone to taking my medication this much in the past.

        After my finals I’ll take time for a check up. I can’t afford any more bad news to ruin my average.
        Thank you for your reply !

  14. skp says


  15. Tracy says

    We bought a trailer several months ago and the neighbors have been telling us it was a meth lab. We have been having headaches and I have had some shortness of breath coming more frequently. My hair is falling out rapidly. Is the hair falling out a sign it was a meth house?

    • says

      According to my research, there is a connection between hair loss and meth, although it is usually associated with the use of meth. If you’re being exposed to high levels of meth, then it is possible that you’re having a similar health result. Everyone’s body reacts differently to the environment, so as far as I’m concerned, any health problem is possible. Headaches and shortness of breath are not uncommon, when you live in a former meth lab.

      I know it’s easier said than done, but you really need to find another place to live as soon as possible, especially if you have any children. Children are more apt to get sick from their exposure to meth lab chemicals. The longer that you’re exposed to the chemicals in that house, the worse your health problems will get, not only in the short term but in the long term, as well. You might also want to check with the health department and police department to find out if they have any records on file about your trailer. In the meantime, keep your windows open as much as possible to let fresh air in!

      Sigh. I’m sorry to hear that you bought a former meth lab home. I hope and pray that you are able to find another place to live and that your health will recover very soon!

  16. rothlisberger says

    this is a great site.. thank you .. i never knew what to do also and im staying at my sisters and she wakes up at nite w/the same issues you are talking. very strange. I didnt think it was a big deal but when I woke up.. hmm i knew nothing wakes me up. but this did and you can actually smell something like a curling iron that is burning (i thought i had left the curling iron on) but it also had like burnt wire with chemical smell. as i am typing this i can smell it NASTY how is the cops goin to stop it? when i call them will they even do anything? and i relly sorry forall you people effected by this and i will pray for you.. and please pray for me I would like to go to dr. and seeif there is any testing they can do to see if it is what you guys are talking about really really glad i found this site

    • says

      Thank you, Rothlisberger. If I were you, I’d report the smell to the cops, as soon as possible. If it turns out to be a meth lab that you’re smelling, then it needs to be shut down before a disaster happens. Besides the health issues that are caused by the fumes from these labs, they can also catch on fire. Because of the chemicals used to make meth, once it catches on fire, it spreads very quickly. Also, if there are children living with the meth cooks, they are in harm’s way, as is anyone who is in the vicinity of the lab. Don’t try to confront anyone about it, let the cops handle it, for your own safety. Good luck to you! Stay safe!

  17. says

    Two years ago, my daughter moved into an apartment where we later found there was a meth lab directly below her. She had just broken her leg and was wearing a boot and she had a plate implant in her ankle area and the incision had not healed. Three weeks later she started to experience lesions on her toes and feet moving up toward her knees. We consulted a dermatologist and also went to an emergency room where we were told she was experiencing a delusions. This continued with visits to another skin specialist who said that the lesions appeared to be from a chemical burn.

    Eighteen months later, her skin is still a mess. She has deep scarring on her legs and arms and has had lesions in her hair and also hair loss. She has small cysts under her skin on her arms and on the back of her head. These are very hard. She had a seizure while driving and as a result she has been placed on probation as the judge did not believe that she had a seizure. The bottom line is that she has failed a urine test for methanphetamines and she swears that she has not been using meth.
    Is it possible that she was deeply infected at the time she was in the apartment and the skin problems are manifesting this infection and now the urine tests are positive. She has voluntarily taken several tests at a free-standing lab and also purchased OTC tests at the drug store. She has always shown a positive on these and is truly surprised when this happens.

    • dev says

      if she is positive then she is either using the stuff or someone she is with must be using it and she is getting it from skin contact. but a drug test will only show positive 3-5 days of using meth unless its a hair test then its alot longer but they can tell if its been used in the past this way. but urine test can only find it within 3-5 days if its meth weed can take longer and will give a positive drug test. i had a boyfriend that used to sell it and i tested positive and did not use it at all. but contact with him gave me a positive but it was clean the following 3 days also

  18. jackson says

    i have just found out that my grandson and his half brother have been living their mother with a boyfriend in a meth shack…my grandson has always been spirited, but now he is beligerent(?) complains w/ headaches everyday and is sort of clumbsy and hyper. are these symptoms?
    can a dr test for exposure? Is there anything we can do to help them?
    They are with grandparents noe b/c they are meth orphans.

  19. says

    Your grandson and his half brother should be evaluated by a doctor, in my opinion. I would definitely let the doctor know about that the boys may have been exposed to methamphetamine and/or the chemicals used to make it. (I’m not sure what you mean by “meth shack”) Their behavior and health problems could be be exposure-related, but that will have to be determined by a medical evaluation and testing.

  20. jsm says

    I live in an apartment building, 3 floors with a total of 18 apartments in the building. I am in the middle on the middle floor. My kids and I started having breathing problems recently (same time a new neighbor moved in) we have had several diagnosis of bronchitis and recently my 5 yr old was diagnosed with pneumonia..we JUST got done with anti biotics and are still coughing and having trouble breathing. I have the “flashing lights” symptom…We all have seasonal allergies but have Never had problems like this befor….If there was a “meth lab” would there be a definite smell, or is it possible to have no warning, or smells etc to give it away?

    • says

      Hi JSM,
      Former meth labs may or may not have a “smell”. Living in an apartment building where meth is being made or cooked, especially a building that has a shared venting system, can put other occupants in the building at risk of becoming sick. You should let your doctors know that your illnesses began after a new neighbor moved in. You might also want to call your local health department and tell them about the situation. They may be able to send someone to your apartment to do an air quality check.

  21. laluna says

    my daughter is having several health problems doctors cant figure out what is wrong with her…she has swollen glans..eitght just in her neck alone..throwing up daily ..sometimes several times..loosing wieght slowly but for no reason..tired all the time..she also runn ing low grade temp for three weeks..i believe our home we live in might of been a meth house..could that be causeing her symptoms…

    • says

      I don’t think any health problems are off the table, when it comes to exposure to meth and the chemical concoction they use to make it. Did you tell her doctors that you suspect you might be living in a former meth lab home? Do your daughter’s symptoms improve when she’s not home? Is there a relative or friend that your daughter can live with for awhile to see if her health improves?

  22. Paul says

    I was renting an apartment for three months and I believe the neighbors (that I shared a wall with, but not ventilation) had a lab. I have felt nausea, dissyness, and all around not good. I’ve even thrown up. I am so happy to be away but I am concerned about my clothing and furniture. I do not want to be anywhere near those chemicals. do I have to get rid of my personal items or should they be ok? As of now I have most of my things outside now because I am worried to bring them into my new place.

    I am so sorry for anyone who has gone through this, it is literally a nightmare .

  23. very concerned mom: says

    Hi I live right beside a boy who I know for a fact cooks meth an I have a 2 year old lil boy an a few other family members tht live In my home but im very concerned an worried for my baby boy I’ve called the cops the narcotics division a family cop friend an the fire department for almost the past 3 months an nothing has been done im so aggravated with these people the meth cooker has even caught his moms house on fire an still nothing has been done everyone I my neighborhood has complained about him an even seen him selling the stuff an the bad part it was in front of the kids but he don’t care as long as he an his friends are getting high an making money an it’s not like he trys to hide it he always has btw 6 to 10 cars in his yard an there’s always a burning chemical pungent smell but idk Wat else to do bc I’ve heard he was an informant for the police thts y they haven’t done anything but there fixin to bc im gonna make sure if it im tired of waiting on something bad to happen worse than it already is an the boys mom always takes up for him saying he don’t do tht stuff an we know he does oh an a a month ago the boy an one of his friends killed my gmas dog which was bs they was mad bc the dog always barked at them at 3 o’clock in the am they didn’t need to be outside at tht time anyway an my other dogs won’t keep weight on them an I feed them everyday but only 2 have had problems since he can’t keep on weight at all an my old weenie dog has spaz attacks an I feel so bad for them but love all the info I’ve got off here will write again an let yall know if the cops done anything sorry I wrote so much but don’t have anyone tht I can vent on just please keep me my lil boy an my family in yalls prayers an I’ll do the same thx so much an God bless

    • says

      Concerned mom,
      If the local police won’t do anything, notify the state police and tell them what’s going on at your neighbor’s house. You should also report it to the health department and/or EPA and let them know that you have a 2 year old child, whose life is being put at risk. I would also let them know that the health of your dogs has changed. Someone needs to address that situation ASAP!

  24. says

    My wife and I are foster parents. We have 2 small children a 6 year old boy and 2 year old girl. We have had them for about 20 months. The parents were caught with prescription drugs and the dad was caught with meth. Last night they had a visit with the parents and today the youngest woke up with small spots all over her legs and butt.One spot on the calf was the size of a silver dollar. We though it may be a form of hives so we put some itch cream on them. Now the areas are very large and raised. We are getting ready to take her to urgent care but was wondering of this could be a sign of meth chemical exposure? We don’t want to mention anything negative about the parents and cause them more trouble but the kids are the only thing i care about. Please let me know if the doctors would be able to tell or if we should mention our suspicions.

    • says

      Hi John. Hopefully, the children have not been exposed to meth lab chemicals, however I would discuss your concerns about the parent’s drug history with the doctor. If the lesion was caused by meth lab chemical exposure, it’s better to find out now and prevent any further injury to the children. Best of luck to all of you.

  25. joan says

    i left a young couple in my house for 5 wks. dogsitting while recovering from the loss of my husband. i’ve been able to list over $4000 in damages. but also, amongst those losses, i’ve found black thick soot on the overhead fan in the master BR…..also, a heavy black soot ring on the rug around a 2′ hi air purifier. a new vacuum cleaner was shiped to my house while gone. it too was full of black soot.
    i’ve been told drugs were being used here. friends have said they must have been cooking meth. i’ve taken pics and cleaned it up. is there a chance that cooking meth could have produced that soot??? i’ve been home 12 wks. my dog can’t talk soooo???? i’ve looked online but can’t get this question answered.

  26. says

    I am concerned that my husband is using meth while he gone to work. He is a OTR driver and is gone for weeks at a time. My daughter has asthma and is sick all the time. She has chronic sinus problems and breathing problems. It seems that every time he comes home she and I both get sick during and after he leaves. I cannot seem to get her well. She is on so much medication and is seems like it doesn’t matter, she is still sick. I have just been to the Dr too. Sinus and upper respiratory problems and feeling tired, shortness of breath and general body aches. He has been gone for less than a week this time. I have read all the post on here and realize that we have some of these side effect but not sure if he is using while he is at home in the house. If he is here and it is on his skin and clothing could this make her and I sick.

  27. Andrea says

    We bought and have lived in a house for almost 9 years that was a former meth lab. They showed us documentation that the house was stripped down to the studs and remodeled, and that it was certified safe. Since living here, my husband has gone almost completely deaf in both ears, developed and had a tumor removed in one ear that the doctors cannot explain. My worry is that now myself and two of our children seem to have ear problems. Is there any chance that there would still be remnants of the problem in our house that is causing this???

  28. l o u says

    I’m very nervous, I need support, in Scotland btw, I have people above who have been extremely anti social since I moved in last year, I’ve been smelling urine smells for several months, Su subsequently it wasn’t their dogs that we’re taken off of them, it continued….I’ve had I believe a bacterial botulism between me and my son which lasted a week, really drastic sore throat passed week and both blocked and I’m anxious , at night, feel like I’m buzzing all over stiff cannot relax , sharp pains in temples, dopey days in bed sleepy, shaky feelings and anger during the.night, sleep disturbance can’t sleep a lot,
    No authority Inc my landlord has suggested the smells are smellable or that they may be dangerous, only.that I’m imagining it, I’m really scared for me and my son having no lasting effects because during my pregnancy I was homed above a junky too.and experienced the hallucinations I’m getting a lot in this hpuse , the worst has just happened last night, I’m at the end of my tether, and I know it’s the truth, weve been subjected to poisonous fumes from drug abusers upstairs.
    L o u

  29. unsure if at risk says

    I have some sweet neighbors that have lived by 20 yrs, but they try help homeless people. My dad tried to leave for work and he had get permission from the local cops. All exits and entrances had been blocked off at 2 am. Now there is a bright orange sign on are elderly neighbors garage.

    Since she moved in garage door been cracked by 6 inches to foot. Our door is 30-50 feet away. One day she came close to our fence and it’s been windy cold a lot. Is it possible we could been exposed. I have chronic health issues. I’m worried about my health, my family’s health, and the health of my pets.

    • says

      If you’re having health problems, contact your doctor. Let the doctor know that there was a meth lab bust next door to you. Also, if you use well water, you may want to consider having your water tested for meth lab chemicals. Why? If the meth lab cooks dumped their meth lab chemicals in to the ground, then those chemicals could leach in to the groundwater and contaminate your household water supply.

  30. Brittany says

    My husband and I moved into a rental earlier this year in January. While talking to the neighbor over the Spring one day, he mentioned that there was a meth lab bust here a few years back before the current owner purchased the house. This has also been confirmed by other neighbors here. Our landlord has never mentioned it so we aren’t even sure she was made aware of it. The gist of my story here is, ever since we have moved in, both of us have been sick with respiratory issues, migraines, chest pains, nausea and digestive issues, and muscle aches, among others. Is this something we should be concerned about? Neither of us really ever feel 100%. What would be your suggestion or input? Thanks.

    • says

      Brittany, you should absolutely be concerned about living in a former meth lab house, especially since you haven’t been feeling well! My suggestion is to move out of that house, asap! At the very least, you should open up some windows to let some fresh air in! Leave the windows cracked open a little at night, if it’s cold where you live. The fresh air will help to lessen the chemical contamination inside your house!

  31. Lain says

    I suspect that me and my mother lived in a former meth house for almost a year or so. About a year after moving out, I developed a severe back pain. I went to the emergency room and was told I have kidney stones. Now, a year later, I still have severe back pain every day, but they say nothing should be causing this pain. Could living in a former meth lab have anything to do with this mysterious pain?

    • says

      Lain, I haven’t heard of anyone experiencing back pain, because of meth lab exposure, but anything is possible. The effect of chemicals on the body can cause a wide range of health issues, some of which can take years to develop. If you’re having pain, something has to be causing it. Maybe you have kidney stones again?

  32. Cathy says

    My sister and I have a rental mobile home. After evicting the last renters, we found out they had been using meth. We had the home professionally cleaned and received our state certificate as proof. My question is, when we rent again, could there still be problems and would we be liable even after informing these new tenants

    • says

      You shouldn’t have any problems with a future renter, if you disclose to them that your rental property was a former meth lab, and you’ve been issued a state issued meth lab cleanup certificate. You could also call the state agency that issued the certificate and a real estate lawyer in your area to ask that question. Good luck with your future tenants! Renting is so risky these days!

  33. Gerald Bailey says

    i live on a horse ranch in rural America and I feed horses in different pastures every day. When I go to the pasture on my east side my eyes start burning real bad to the point I cannot stand to spend much time there at all. That is the only side I have a neighbor that is fairly close, but the burning in my eyes is nothing that I can smell even though the air seems different. Could this be a neighbor cooking Meth?

    • says

      Have you noticed any signs of a meth lab in that area? Based on your health symptoms, I would be concerned about horses grazing in that area. There appears to be something in that area, whether it be meth lab chemicals or other chemicals, that caused your eyes to burn. You should contact the health department and/or the EPA and tell them what you’ve experienced. Someone needs to investigate the source of what irritated your eyes.

  34. says

    After living out-of-state 3 months and returning home where my Heroin addict son was living, I immediately get swollen nasal passages and sometimes my nose will run and I sound very nasal. My daily allergy medicine does not help and I can’t clear up. I went away for 1 week and like magic, I cleared up. I return home again and the same symptoms start immediately. Could meth or something else have been cooked or whatever in my home? I don’t know much about drugs, but I do know this is a new experience for me and has never happened before.

  35. Robert says

    I have a 3 and a 6 year old son, I have recently found out that my neighbors are cooking/growing drugs. I am concerned that there are health risks to myself and my kids. what are these risks if there are any. and what should I do about it.

    • says

      Hi Robert,
      The health risks to your family depend on how much your family is being exposed to the chemicals from your neighbor’s drug lab. Chemicals produced by meth labs can travel through the air, come in to a house through a water supply (if it’s well water), and through the contamination of soil (caused by dumped leftover chemicals). Have you or your children experienced any unusual health problems?

  36. Barb says

    We have a 5 year old who was living in a home where meth was being manufactured for at least 1-2 years. He now has severe allergy problems including food allergies, and neurologoical issues with regard to seizures, etc… While the verdict is still out on what the long term effects can have on people (especially small children still developing), I truly believe that in time, it will be confirmed that this exposure causes all sorts of health related issues. I’d like to know where I can find resources out there that point to what’s already been researched and confirmed about this exposure.

    • says

      Hi Barb,

      I’m sorry to hear that a 5 year old was living in an active meth lab home. The fumes produced by meth labs are toxic can cause a wide range of health issues, especially for young children, who absorb more chemicals in to the bodies than adults. The health issues that the child you’ve mentioned is experiencing are not unusual. Chemicals used to make meth include neurotoxins, which can cause seizures and other neurological issues. Meth lab fumes can also cause allergic responses, including asthma attacks. The manufacture of methamphetamine There are also numerous reports about the effects of chemical pollutants, some of which you can find by typing in the word Health in the search box in the sidebar of the website.

  37. ShellyW says

    I smelled a terrible smell the other night of rotten eggs and my eyes were burning like crazy! Called the cops who did nothing! Next day, plumbers had to fix destroyed pipes in this morons apartment! Last month, he started a fire, but the fire department supposedly didn’t find anything! Management hadn’t done much! Ridiculous! I’ve called everyone under the sun, including DEA and State Patrol and the drug task force!! This guy needs to go!! And shame on the cop that wouldn’t send help!! These people need to be stopped asap!! Also, do I need to worry about clothing and furniture as well?? Thank you!

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