House cleaner says her cleaning cloths are turning purple

I have a question! I don’t know much about meth other than it is a major problem that is growing. Anyway, I paint and clean apartments and I have noticed in some of the ones I have cleaned, when I spray my cleaning solutions to start scrubbing, my rag or paper towel turns purple. Does that have anything to do with meth contamination or any other drugs. I’m concerned that I may be bringing this contamination into my home on my clothes.


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    Depending on the chemicals you are using you may be bringing the meth molecules out from the walls. If you think a house was used as a former meth lab please do not paint over it. It will encapsulate it and make it much more costly for the homeowner to remediate the house. Most times the walls can be cleaned to remove the toxicity. However, if you encapsulate most of the drywalls will have to be removed.

    Some companies use corn starch mixed with water on to spray on the walls. If it turns blue or purple there is methamphetamine in that house.

    Hope that helps.

    L. Spaulding

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    Be very careful in the use of bleach since hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, or other types of acid may react with the bleach and cause dangerous vapors to form.

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    In my experience, to test a stained area for iodine (used in meth making) apply spray starch (the kind used to iron clothes). If it turns purple, it is iodine. Unfortunately iodine may turn other things purple as well so the spray starch test is not 100% guaranteed.

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