Family sickened by chemicals in former meth lab home asks for help

“We need help!! We bought our house 5 years ago, after having 3 children ages 3,2,1, we begin to find out from neighbors, people in community that meth was manufactured in our home. All 3 of our children, plus my husband and myself are all experiencing health effects with our 2 year old suffering the most. She has been on the max amount of steroids for her age and size that it has affected her growth. My 1 year old is bigger than my 2 year old.

After we¬† bought the house, we cleaned walls, painted and replaced all flooring throughout house. We just had our home tested and some rooms such as kitchen, bedrooms, duct work, etc still have very disturbing meth levels We don’t know what to do. Repairs on our home is estimated at a min of $30,000. That we don’t have nor can come up with. We don’t know which direction to go nor what to do.

We are devastated and could greatly use support and guidance. Thank you and God Bless.”

Click here to see and hear updates about this family’s experience with a meth lab home in TN.


  1. Debi says

    Well I thought it was against the law to sell or rent a home that was ever used to manufacture meth..!!! I hope that law ‘does’ exist here in CA .. I don’t know where you are from but even though you are going to suffer a ‘financial’ loss.. GET OUT.. the lives of your children are not worth it.. God forbid the worst should happen while you are waiting for advice or help. You will never be able to remove ‘all’ of the chemical.. there will still be a minute but harmful amount left. I had seen on I think 20/20 about a couple who was in the same situation and they ‘had’ to move and could ‘not’ sell their house unless they did the same dirty thing that was done to them and they could not do that.. You might consider filing bankruptcy.. I know easier said than done.. Talk to an attorney.. talk to the media.. the newspaper,, congressman… kick up ‘alot’ of dust and scream at the top of your lungs.. your babies lives are at stake.. That was a terrible thing to do to a family!!!!

  2. says

    This letter was written to me by the Holt family from Winchester, TN. Please read the update to their story on this site by clicking the blue link at the end of the article or by searching for Rhonda Holt in the search field located at the top of this page.

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