Exposure to chemicals in former meth labs can cause serious health problems

Residual solids and liquids in the form of surface residues, spills, etc. will remain in place unless physically removed. Until completely and thoroughly removed, there is a possibility of being exposed to these residuals risking injury.
exposure routes
The longer the exposure, the greater the potential for harm. Exposure over an extended period of time (months to years to a lifetime) is known as “chronic exposure.” Not much is known about the chronic health effects from methamphetamine labs. There is scientific evidence, however, that shows that the chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine can cause a variety of health effects including cancer, brain/nervous system injury, injury to the liver and kidneys, birth defects, and reproductive disorders.

Chemically induced cancers and permanent injury to organ systems are generally associated with continuous or habitual exposure to harmful chemicals over extended periods – years or a lifetime.

If appropriate decontamination procedures are followed, former lab buildings can be re-occupied. Based on the known physical properties of the chemicals associated with methamphetamine production, there is no current scientific evidence to suggest a continuing human health risk after a thorough decontamination.

Source: Oregon Drug Lab Cleanup Program, Department of Human Services


  1. Jessica B. says

    Meth is very dangerous and those using it really dont have a clue as to the long term effects of meth and cooking exposure. I didn’t and I lost my son from being close to where meth was being made and he was breathing amphetamines in his system. i was so naive i didn’t know any better or maybe i was just so addicted at the time I didn’t care about anything but getting high . Well now i care i have been clean five years and my son is now 10 years old and will barekly come see me. That kind of damage is irreversible.

  2. says


    Thank you for sharing your story . I am so sorry to hear what meth has done to you and your family. It is both tragic and heartbreaking. I hope that others will learn from what you’ve shared here, so they can avoid going down the road you’ve gone down.

    Be patient. Have hope. Pray for strength. God bless.

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