Does a meth lab smell like a skunk or sewer gas?

“I sometimes smell a very very strong skunk-like smell coming from downstairs (I am a renter). It is so strong that it wakes me up in the middle of the night sometimes. It smells like skunk, or perhaps like gas (sewage), and it is very very strong for a while but then goes away by the next day. I thought for a while there must be a skunk in the area but it occurred to me that it might be something worse. I think that skunk smells linger longer, like for weeks, while this smell is very strong and sharp but doesn’t last long. Also, I live in a semi-urban area and I don’t think that we have so many skunks. I never smelled this odor in my last apartment, which was less than a mile away from this one. So I have become suspicious. This has been going on for about a year.

My downstairs neighbors are very secretive and I think the smell is coming from there. I am ~80% sure that the smell is a result of something my neighbors are doing but I am not sure what. When I google “skunk smell” I find sites that say the smell might be marijuana, but I smelled a lot of marijuana in college and such and I have never ever smelled pot this strong and sharp. To me, this does not smell at all like pot, but I am no expert on that. If my neighbors are smoking pot, I am inclined to let things be and mind my own business, but if they are doing something worse I want to take steps to protect myself. I also worry about the other tenants and my landlords if something really bad is going on.

I have informed my landlords about the smell but not about my suspicion it might be drugs. Also, I am thinking about calling the police but I am reluctant to take what seems like a drastic step? I would appreciate any advice or info about what might be going on and what steps I should take?”

Meth Lab Homes comment:

According to Special Agent David Waller of the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement, “Marijuana plants produce a unique skunk-like odor that you may occasionally smell, usually at dusk and dawn.”


  1. skunk smell question says

    Thanks for the information. It is a relief to know it is probably pot… the smell happens once in a while only, usually around 2 AM. Thanks for the quick reply!

  2. In the same boat says

    Did you ever figure it out? What the odor was, I mean? I am going through a very similar situation, myself.

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