Decontaminate a meth lab: What you have to do when the police leave

What happens after the police bust a home that’s been used as a meth lab? When there has been a meth lab bust at the home, an initial cleanup of the property will be conducted by a Hazmat crew that will be called in by the police. The Hazmat team will remove any containers and chemicals that they find on the property, afterwhich a sign should be posted on the property warning others that the property is unsafe. The removal of the containers, chemicals and other drug paraphernalia that are found at a meth lab are just the first step in the process of a meth lab clean up.

Step two is the decontamination process, which includes the removal of housedecontaminationthe chemicals that remain inside of the home. Responsibility for the decontamination of a former meth lab is given to the home owner, including the cost of hiring professionals who are skilled at removing any remaining toxic chemical residues in the home. Certified professionals must insure that a home or other property meets all standards set by the state where the home is located.

Some states require that “cleaned” properties meet strict state regulations about the chemical contaminants that remain in homes where meth has been manufactured, however not all states do. Self-cleaning a property is not recommended as the cleaning chemicals can react with the chemicals that remain in the home, which can have unpredictable and life threatening health and safety consequences.

Current laws say that removing the chemicals and containers found at a meth lab site, is all that state and local agencies are required to do after a meth lab has been discovered. After the police leave, it’s up to the property owner to pay for the expense of decontaminating their property.

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