David Parnell former meth addict survives suicide attempt – video

David Parnell. a former meth addict from TN, tried to commit suicide by shooting himself, when his wife threatened to leave him and take their 7 children with them. He survived his suicide attempt but still craved methamphetamine for a year. Parnell had been a meth addict for 14 years. He is now touring the country trying to keep kids from ever trying meth by sharing his story.

The life story of David Parnell is one that not only hits home with students who may be exposed to meth by family members or friends, it is a story that teaches communities more about meth addiction. If you suspect a meth lab in your neighborhood, think about what David Parnell says about what goes on in the homes of meth users. Think about the children who are living with meth addicts. Think about the dangers they face from meth lab chemicals and meth lab explosions. Contacting your local police department will save innocent lives and help meth addicts can back in control of their lives before a tragedy happens.


For more information about David Parnell and his story, please visit his website called “Facing the Dragon, One Man’s Battle Against Methamphetamine”. www.facingthedragon.org

*This story was originally published on December 29, 2008.

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