Cole Puffinburger kidnapping tied to grandfather, meth, stolen money, and a Mexican drug cartel

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A Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada bus driver is being hailed as a hero today for finding six-year old, Cole Puffinburger. Sadly, the reason why Cole was abducted from his Las Vegas home last Wednesday, is rumored to be the result of his grandfather’s ties to meth, money, and a Mexican drug cartel. (click more to see video)

Police suspect that Cole Puffinburger’s abduction was intended to send his Clemens Tinnemayer, 51, his maternal grandfather,  a clear message. Clemens Tinnemayer is suspected of stealing between $8 million and $20 million dollars in drug trafficking money from his Mexican meth suppliers. The FBI arrested Tinnemeyer was arrested on Friday for being a “person of interest”.

Tinnemeyer’s neighbors said that up until about 2 years ago, it was common to see cars coming and going from the home that he’d and his wife had lived in for nearly 20 years. Clemens told neighbors that he had a recording studio behind his home and public records show him tied to businesses called Bomber Records Inc., C&C Weston Inc. and Salita Records Inc.

By 2001,  neither Tinnemeyer’s carpenter skills or his recording studio, or his wife’s monthly earnings of $3800 for her lunch room job at the local elementary school,  were enough to keep up with their mounting debts.  Tinnemeyer and his wife filed for bankruptcy in 2001 listing liabilities of nearly $330,000. Listed assets amounted to just over $225,000. Tinnemeyer and his wife also listed three mortgages on their Las Vegas home and thousands of dollars in credit card debt.

Neighbors also say that it wasn’t unusual for their grandson, six-year old, Cole Puffinburger, to spend time with his grandmother at the Tinnemeyer home. But in May of this year, they say Clemens Tinnemeyer left in a motor home and never returned. When a black pickup truck pulled in to the driveway on Sunday, they say no one ever came to the door to see who was parked outside.

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