Augusta Georgia: Meth lab bust may leave elderly woman with meth lab cleanup costs

Georgia – A meth lab bust in an Augusta home may leave an elderly woman with expensive meth lab cleanup costs. Today, while investigators were looking for evidence that individuals in the home were involved with a counterfeiting ring, they discovered the elderly woman’s home also contained two meth labs, as well as methamphetamine. One meth lab was found in a bedroom of her home. The other was located in her carport.

The 83 year old woman shared her home with two other individuals, a male and a female, and a 3 year old child.

augusta ga meth lab bustWhile both of the younger adults were placed under arrest for trafficking, manufacturing meth and manufacturing meth in the presence of a child, the elderly woman and the toddler had their health assessed by EMS personnel.

The good news is that neither one of them had to be transferred to a hospital.

The bad news is that after an Atlanta Hazmat team removes the meth lab chemicals and equipment from her home, the woman may not be allowed to return to her home, until the home has been decontaminated.

Additionally, there are no government loans or grants that will help her to pay for the meth lab clean up costs, costs that can easily add up to several thousand dollars.


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Georgia: Child’s asthma flareup tied to meth labs buried under rental home

Georgia – Billy Jack Goodwin and his family had only been living in their rental home for two weeks, exactly the same amount of time that his daughter began experiencing more problems with her asthma. Goodwin recently discovered why – someone had dug out an area under the house to use as a hidden meth lab.

Police discovered six meth labs under the house that were so large they could only be removed after they cut large holes in the floor inside the house.

According to MyFox Atlanta, “After two days of cleanup, the Goodwin family was allowed back inside. They said they have a hard time believing something so dangerous was right underneath their floorboards.”

The home had recently been purchased, after being vacant for a long period of time.

Man Finds Suspected Meth Labs Under Rental Home:

Roswell Georgia: Mountain Park Elementary Teacher Aide Fired For Misconduct For Forgetting Meth Pipe

Shirley Robinson, a teacher’s aide who had worked at the Mountain Park Elementary School for 11 years, was fired this week for misconduct after she forgot her meth pipe in a classroom bathroom.  The cleaning crew at the school discovered the pipe inside of an eyeglass-case that had been placed high on a shelf and out of the reach of students, according to a note to parents from the school’s principal.

According to the  Channel 2 News team, Robinson admitted that the pipe was hers and that she used it to smoke crystal meth, but she denies that she used it at school or near the school.  She has not been charged with a crime, a fact that police attribute to not having enough drug residue to conduct proper drug testing.   The Fulton school system is leaving further investigation of the incident in the hands of the police.


Georgia High School Students Attend Meth Lab Cleanup Training Course

Georgia: The students in Jennifer Taylor’s class at Dade County High School became awake and focused when  they walked in to their forensic science class. They had to be – one wrong move and the toxic, hazardous, and explosive chemicals could do irreparable harm to both people and property. Although, the chemicals weren’t the real thing, students were expected to act as if they were. Learning how to identify a meth lab, handle meth lab chemicals,  and preserve meth lab evidence to insure that its admissible in court, were all part of the  the one-day, forensic science course that is the first-of-its-kind at DCHS high school.

 Dade county, where these students live and go to school, has had more meth labs than any of the state’s 22 counties.

Why are high school students at DCHS  high school learning about meth lab.  According to their instructor, Jennifer Taylor, the skills these students get introduced to their methlab cleanup class may help them with their future career choices.

Georgia meth manufacturing penalities include prison and hefty fines

Get caught manufacturing meth in Georgia and you could find yourself not only serving time in prison but hefty fines, as well.  Section 16-8-12 of the Georgia Code related to crimes and offenses says:

“Any person who knowingly manufactures methamphetamine, amphetamine, or any mixture containing either methamphetamine or [Read more…]

Georgia: Buy a home and get an $1800 tax credit

Want to buy a house? On June 1, 2009, buying a single family house in Georgia will make you eligible for an $1,800 state income tax credit.  You only have have six months to do it though.  Starting with this year’s tax return, home buyers in Georgia will be able to request the credit which will need to be taken over a three year period. If you’re a first-time home buyer, you would also be eligible to apply for an $8,000 federal tax credit.

Georgia Legislators are hoping that the rebate will help reduce the number of homes that are currently up for sale, especially in Atlanta, but [Read more…]

Operation Mexican Ice freezes 2.5 million dollar meth operation in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA – Three men accused of running a $2.5 million meth operation, which stretched from Mexico to Philadelphia, are in custody following a 10-month investigation by the Attorney General’s Bureau of Narcotics Investigation (BNI). Attorney General operation-mexican-iceTom Corbett said the investigation, known as “Operation Mexican Ice” began in September 2008 and focused on the distribution of large quantities of [Read more…]

Atlanta meth bust nets 351 pounds of ice hidden in the walls of 2 Duluth GA houses

Federal authorities found 351 pounds of meth hidden in the walls of 2 Duluth, GA homes on Wednesday, a drug stash that would have reaped tens of millions of dollars on the street. The recent meth bust in Gwinnett County is the largest seizure of Mexican crystal methamphetamine that’s ever been recorded east of the Mississippi River.

Rodney Benson, who heads the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Atlanta field reported that the homes were sparsely furnished, which he says is typical of homes being used by drug traffickers. No guns were found in the homes, that were situated in a quiet, [Read more…]

Effingham County Georgia Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie

“We’ve put a big dent in the drug traffic in this county, but if you draw back, it’ll come back. Anything that goes unchecked comes back. We still have some meth labs, but they are hard to find because of the reputation we have.” -Effingham County, Georgia Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie

Drug busts in Effingham County have resulted in the confiscation of $170,000 in cash, 24 cars, and 3 homes.

Source: Article “McDuffie: Major dent put in meth labs” by Patrick Donahue for the Effingham Herald. net, posted June 30, 2008, accessed on July 1, 2008