(video) Part II: A former meth cook advises Oklahoma legislators to make pseudoephedrine a prescription

(Video) Robert Tinkle, a former meth addict and meth cook advises Oklahoma legislators to make pseudoephedrine a prescription drug if they want to put an end to the state’s meth lab problem. He spent over 23 years in prison for manufacturing meth and other drug-related crimes. Tinkle’s testimony includes an inside look at meth labs, which includes pseudoephedrine, smurfing, fake IDs, as well as a look at how meth addiction and meth manufacturing became a large part of his family’s history.

TN meth cook set up meth labs in some very nice neighborhoods (video)

Thinking about renting or buying a home in Tennessee? Don’t judge a house by its cover! Meth can be made anywhere, including some very nice homes that are located in some very expensive neighborhoods. Before you buy or rent, have the home tested for meth,  even if the seller or landlord gives you no indication that the home is a former meth lab!


New Mexico Senate Hearing on Air Quality and Children’s Health (Video)

Video: During a New Mexico Hearing on Air Quality and Children’s Health, Senator Tom Udall (D-NM) questioned Dr. Donna Upson of the American Lung Association about whether air pollution contributes to breathing problems.

Upson’s response suggests that air pollution aggravates asthma and can creates respiratory health issues. Although the discussion focuses on outdoor pollutants, what it reveals about indoor air quality is vitally important. Former meth lab homes are full of toxic air particles, which is why professionals wear head-to-toe protection, which includes respirators, when they enter a home that’s been used to make meth.

West Virginia: Pseudoephedrine prescription bill headed for Senate

West Virginia: The House of Delegates and the Senate Judiciary Committee have both approved a bill that will make pseudoephedrine a prescription drug.   The prescription pseudoephedrine law will now head to the full Senate.

Opponents of the legislation, not surprisingly, are pseudoephedrine manufacturers and the retailers association who are profiting from the sale of pseudoephedrine. Other opponents include those who don’t think they should have to pay for a doctor’s office visit and a prescription to get pseudoephedrine.

Supporters of the bill include law enforcement agencies who see the devastating impact that meth manufacturing is taking on the citizens that they have pledged to protect and to serve.

So far, only Oregon and Mississippi have implemented pseudoephedrine prescription laws, but the results have been impressive. After passing pseudoephedrine prescription laws, both states have witnessed a significant drop in meth lab seizures.


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Oklahoma Meth Labs and Pseudoephedrine: Tulsa Police Corporal Testifies at State Capitol – Part I (video)

Mike Griffin, a Tulsa Police Department Corporal who works in its Special Investigations Division, described himself to state legislators as a “go-to-guy” when it comes to one-pot meth labs. This video contains part I of Griffin’s testimony at the Oklahoma State Capitol this month, as he tried to educate legislators about how meth cooks circumvent the state’s tracking system to obtain the pseudoephedrine they need to make meth.

Originally posted 10/10/11


The best meth video that I have ever seen

Want to know why meth is such a big deal? You’ve got to watch this video that I found on the Internet tonight. It is extremely well done. It’s close to 40 minutes long, but it is well worth your time.

Note: If you’re having difficulties viewing the video here, visit the Vimeo website to watch it on their site. The video is called Meth: A Social Plague.