Meth Lab Smell

What does a meth lab smell like?

Meth labs can smell like cat urine, rotten eggs, sewer gas, ether, wet diapers, paint thinners, paint removers, adhesives, cleaning fluids, vinegar, pickled foods, cattle feed lots, and fertilizers.

Meth labs can smell like a hospital due to the common use of ethyl ether as an anesthetic. Nasal irritant. Ether-like: Aromatic, sweet odor often accompanied by a sweet taste.

meth lab smellsSmells like paint thinners, paint removers, adhesives, and cleaning fluids. Type of odor often found in auto body shops or furniture refinishing shops. Eye and nasal irritant.

Smells like odor found in vinegar, mayonnaise, salad dressings or pickled food. Pungent, acrid, or sour smell. Eye irritant.

Smells like wet diapers, glass cleaners, cattle feed-lots, or fertilizers. A sharp, irritating odor.  Eye and nasal irritant.

Note: Meth lab homes that have been allowed to air out for some time may not have any detectable odors. The absence of odor in a home does not mean the home is not contaminated.

Meth Lab Smell
Original publish date Nov. 2, 2008

Source: N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health, Hazardous Substances Emergency Events Surveillance Program (HSEES)

Unusual, strong odors (like cat urine, ether, ammonia, acetone or other chemicals).

Source: W.V. Department of Health and Human Services