Are dark stains on window frames and illness signs of a former meth lab ?

“We moved into a rental home 7 weeks ago and it had been renovated. It began smelling like stale smoke once the new paint smell wore off and we asked the property manager if the previous tenants had smoked. He admitted yes. He said they trashed the place and left and that the property was in the process of being renovated when he took it over. We have shown him stains that cover every window frame in the house (one of the few things that wasn’t renovated) and he admits they resemble iodine stains and says he has no idea what they are. They are dark brown/yellowish, sticky and almost have a pattern to them. I found a picture of meth stains online and these stains look a lot like the picture. Would meth stains cover window frames and look like this? Any ideas? I have had severe vertigo since moving in plus terrible headaches and my toddler and infant have started having all kinds of sinus troubles.”


  1. says

    Renovations, stains, and illness soon after moving in to a rental home…are definitely a cause for concern.

    The dark stains in your home could be iodine stains and signs that you’re living in a former meth lab. Try spraying the stains with some spray starch, if they were caused by iodine, they’ll turn a dark bluish or purplish color.

    What is especially troubling to me is the fact that both you and your baby have been experiencing unusual health problems since you moved in to your new rental home. Young children and infants, whose bodies, brains, and nervous systems are still developing, are especially vulnerable to the effect of chemicals. Exposure to high levels of iodine can cause an enlarged thyroid gland (goiter) in young children, according to a study by the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment in Sacramento, California.

    You should test your home for meth, asap! If I were you, I’d call the local health department and tell them about the health problems that you and your baby have had since moving in to that house. Ask them if they can test your house for meth too. Let your baby’s doctor know about your home situation too! Also, you can give the state and local police departments a call and see if there’s any record about a meth lab seizure at your address. Your neighbors may also be able to provide you with some information about the history of your new home -for example, neighbors might know why the last tenant left or why the apartment got renovated after they left.

  2. Candice says

    I lived in a home (i rented) and found out that the previous tenants had been cooking Meth in the basement. I even found the jars they used still there! i had a crappy landlord and eventually moved. Myself and my kids were ALWAYS sick. My childrens health improved, mine did not (the kids never went into the basement and I had to often) Myself and my kids were ALWAYS sick. Hope you find out whats going on and get it tooken care of!

  3. Lavetta Holman says

    I have a active meth lab in the condo on top I have informed authority and one so called detective claim he when to talk to people upstairs but said found no evident but family moved out a week later. Another male tenant moved in same buzzing sound and same chemical smell can I get an attorney to find out move evident.

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