An important message from the teenage son of a meth cook

Hi, my name is Justin. I am 14 yrs old, and my dad was a meth manufacturer. He did time in prison for it a few yrs back and it nearly broke my heart. I finally got back together with him and now he’s back in jail. It tears us apart so badly!

Please if u know any1 who uses or makes methamphetamine please please convince them 2 stop! U just never know what it could do 2 not only them, but u 2, depending on how close u r 2 them.


  1. Kay says

    Your Dad has an addiction, hopefully you will learn young that you cannot control his behavior, you cannot stop him, but, you can control how you react to his behavior. Live your life to the fullest, don’t let his addiction get in the way of your finding peace and happiness. It’s not a selfish thing to do, if your Dad were thinking clearly he would want it this way. My best wishes, prayers and love go out to you. It will be difficult, but you can do it.
    Mom of two boys

  2. Kim says

    Justin, I feel deeply for you! Though I’ve never personally taken Meth, I know what the effects are for not only the person doing the drug, but for the family. My ex boyfriend is a meth user, he has two kids, my daughter and a son with another ex girlfriend…he doesn’t care about either. My advice to you is to take what knowledge you have about Meth and educate as many young people as you possibly can! Stay safe, healthy and most importantly be happy that you are who you are, and what has happened in your past makes you a stronger person!

  3. says

    I have a long history of substance abuse mostly alcohol.but about 5years ago I was introduced to meth[ice].within 6months i lost my family my freedom and every thing else that matterd to me.I have been clean sins 07. but my family still wont talk to me i cant find a job to this day ihave no friends,im not wanted in my comunity&i have no one to talk to.Beside contselers and they say i will have to take these pills for the rest of my life. so to anyone who has been asked to try meth or wants to know the personal afects meth has on you or your family.ther devastating

  4. Sheilah B. says

    Bre’s telling you right. But understand, addicts are a victims of a very serious disease no human power can relieve them of. He’s your dad, but he’s under the servitude and possession of something that has far more power than any human is capable of.

    Your dad might be arrested 100 times, lose everything and everyone that’s ever meant anything to the very death of his heart mind and soul. He might want so bad to quit, he’s thought of suicide to get away. But in spite of this, and all he and others do to save him, he just might continue to seek out his own destruction-whether he wants to or not.

    Your dad loves you, never doubt that! If he could stop of his own accord I guarantee you, he would, just for you. But he can’t. He will battle this illness for the rest of his life in the best of scenarios.

    If you know anything about GOD, and believe, PRAY. Pray everyday for your dad, and ask that your dad be granted “moments of clarity”, and pray for his calling. Daily, people everywhere are praying for your dad and others like him, believe that, have faith in it.

    Truthfully only GOD can help him now…oh there’s Narcotics Anonymous, and they’ll be there to support him (IF HE CHOOSES to allow them to). But only GOD can stop that demon of addiction, and he will, but your dad has to ask of his own accord. Warn him though. GOD doesn’t entertain whims or play games, your dad will have to convince GOD he really wants out of that hell he’s in. So even if your dad’s serious, it’s going to take some time. Your dad’s going to have to seek out GOD like he sought out his drug if he wants to be free. That’s just the facts.

  5. Sheilah B. says

    In May of this year I will have enjoyed 10 consecutive years of sobriety, after trying since 1988. Once I surrendered to what I told Justin, and what successful reformed and healed individuals of A.A. and N.A. have told me……IT GOT A LOT EASIER.

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