After the cleanup: Health problems

The expense of decontaminating their meth lab home is over, but the hard work has just begun. My two year old grandson was recently diagnosed with moderate to severe autism by a pediatric neurologist in Tennessee. The neurologist also suspects that he has other health issues including central nervous system damage. The future for my young grandson now includes years of physical, speech, occupational, and behavioral therapy which will go hand in hand with testing to determine any physical damage he may have.

For over 2 years my grandson lived in a home contaminated by meth because no one told his parents that his home was a danger to his health – not the bank, the realtor, the health department, the title company, or the insurance company. Surely, someone knew the home’s history, but they also knew that the law didn’t require them to disclose that information. So, they chose to keep it quiet to unload a home that they knew would cost them money to decontaminate on an innocent family with young children.

Is the cause of my grandson’s autism related to the toxins that he was exposed in the contaminated home that he lived in during the first two years of his life? Is the rise of autism (1 in 150 children now) tied to the hundreds of thousands of contaminated meth lab homes that are still being rented and sold to innocent people? Maybe the researchers are right when they say it’s not childhood vaccines that are causing the rise in Autism. Maybe it’s the toxic contaminants in the over 1 million meth lab homes which studies say pose a significant threat to young children?