About US

In 2004, my son unknowingly bought a foreclosed home that had a criminal and toxic history. No one told him when he bought the home that home had been used to make meth, despite the fact that the former owner went to prison for making meth in the house.

Three years after living in their East Tennessee, my son and his wife learned the truth about the history of their home, a home considered “unfit for human inhabitation” according to federal, state, and local authorities.  To make matters worse, they learned that TN law held them responsible for the cost of decontaminating a home they didn’t contaminate.  Their dream home became their worst nightmare.

As a result of my son’s experience, I started this site to help warn others about the financial, emotional, and health consequences of buying, renting, or living in homes that are contaminated by the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine.