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digital marketing links
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Websites that are linked to by other relevant healthcare product-related websites are seen as “votes to your page” by Google. You want to do your research and buy relevant backlinks to be super relevant because it gives your web pages authority and credibility when it comes to search engine results. You should aim to get backlinks pointing to your website from the following “off-site” sources:

Press Releases

Press releases serve as a way for your practice to let journalists and major healthcare publications know about big events such as winning an award or launching a new product or service. Our favorite consultant Michael Stone Consulting in Las Vegas teaches the method for these.

Healthcare Directories

Directories are how existing and new patients find your practice, and play a role in SEO as well. Ranking factors include where and how often practices are listed in directories, as well as consistency across those directories–more on that below!

 On-Site Healthcare SEO strategy

On-site, or on-page technical Healthcare SEO, refers to the code, images, and words that make up your website. From the type of content you have on your health products website, to its site loading speed and your site’s mobile responsiveness, there are a variety of factors that impact aspects of SEO.

page Title Tags

These are an HTML element within the backend of your site that specifies the titles of your web pages. This is what’s displayed on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) as the clickable headline for a given search result.

SEO Meta Description

These show up just beneath the title tags in SERPs, and are comprised of a ~160 character or less description that summarizes the web page’s content.

page Speed

Also called page speed, this is a measurement of how fast your web pages load, which is an important algorithm for Google to determine where your page will show up in SERPs.

Mobile Responsiveness

Your website content should display in a way that is mobile-device friendly. With more and more customers going mobile and searching for hospitals and practices “near me,”, this is a vital part of your SEO strategy.

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