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We have tested and reviewed home remedies for a variety of natural plant supplements. Our top kratom reviews will guide you in purchasing any products online.

Kratom users in the united states and canada are using the leaf extract and its varied formulations for a range of health reasons that primarily relate to chronic pain, mood disorders, or mitigating the withdrawal symptoms of a prescription narcotics or illicit drug addiction. Although the exact number of kratom users in the United States remains vague, the best research reports ranges from 3 to 5 million based on survey data and membership information provided by the American Kratom Association and other agencies.

This review provides a current perspective on the kratom use and dosage pattern and impact of Kratom use as a home remedy on the individual and society. The implications of effective Kratom use are discussed both from the use as a traditional herb and supplement as well as a potential future home remedies and holistic medicine, either as a pure plant based drug or complex natural extract. Another home remedy use of Kratom is as a potential aphrodisiac that has been reported in several surveys of chronic Kratom users.  This activity contrasts with the opioid-like effects since classical opioids are commonly associated with sexual dysfunction and decreased libido. Kratom makes men last longer and Direct measurement of testosterone, follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormone did not indicate any differences between maeng da Kratom users and non-users although there were some medical pathological differences in blood profiles between the low-dose and high-dose Kratom users. Furthermore, other university research studies and epidemiological data indicate that as a home remedy for premature ejaculation and its use as an aphrodisiac and the potential for impairment, Kratom is not associated with an increased risk for sexually transmitted diseases because it has no evidence for this


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