Benefits of Couples Drug Rehab

Benefits of Couples Drug Rehab

Drug addiction often times affects both members of a couple.  Unfortunately, it has been very hard to find drug rehabs that allow a couple to work on their sobriety together.  Luckily, a new concept called couples drug rehab has become a way for couples to go through drug rehab together.

Couple drug rehab allows you and your partner to enter drug rehab together.  This is specifically for people who are struggling with drugs or alcohol and their significant other is struggling as well.  The hope of couples drug rehab is to help couples focus on the root cause of their addiction and be able to support and help their partner at the same time.  Here are some ways that couples drug rehab has been proven to be very effective.

Couples Therapy

There are countless studies conducted by the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment that have shown how beneficial it is to have both members of a partnership working together for the same goal during rehab.  

When both people in a partnership are addicts, it can be very difficult to find common ground after rehab.  Poor relationship habits can contribute to an increased risk of relapse.  Partners also can enable one another and form bonds of codependency.  These characteristics must be reversed in order for the addict to be successful in their recovery.

This is the reason that couple therapy can be so beneficial for drug rehab.  Couples need to create goals together.  They need to develop new expectations for themselves and one another.  They may need to find new hobbies and ways to spend quality time together that does not include alcohol or drugs.  

Couples therapy has the potential to create a deeper more meaningful relationship.  A relationship that can become very strong as they support each other’s sobriety.


Another very beneficial part of couples drug rehab is the education both will receive.  The couple will learn about abusive relationships.  They will learn about common pitfalls and traps that may damage their sobriety and their relationship.

Couples can also learn about sex education.  They can find out how sex can help and hurt the way they feel about one another.

Individual Therapy

It is also crucial for a couple to focus on themselves during their road to sobriety.  They need to meet with a therapist individually to figure out what their triggers are and what some root causes of addiction are in their lives.

Sometimes couples drug rehab will cause a couple to reexamine their relationship.  Maybe they find out together that they might need to go separate ways.  Sometimes, loving someone does not necessarily mean they should be with that person for the rest of their lives.  The counselors can help you come to a conclusion that is in the best interest for both of you.

Couples drug rehab can truly help you and your partner in very significant ways.  If this sounds like a good fit for you and your partner, find a facility that accommodates couples.

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