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Arkansas: The Cornell family meth lab home

McRae, Arkansas: Hazel and Clarence Cornell lived in a trailer for a year, after they found out that the home they bought in 2001 had once been used as a meth lab.  Soon after they bought a new home where they hoped to spend their retirement years, health problems began.  Clarence couldn’t breath and “turned […]


Indiana: The Sabatino meth lab home story

In 2006,  Julie McCoy Sabatino bought a small two-story house in Churubusco, Indiana, an affordable home where she dreamed of happy days together with her 10 year old son.  But, health problems began, just a few weeks after moving in to the home, when both she and her son began experiencing flu-like systems. They began […]

holt family photo

Winchester TN: Rhonda Holt Interview – Part I

In 2004, Rhonda and Jason Holt bought a home in Winchester, TN, never knowing that the home they were buying was a former meth lab. For the last 5 years, they have been living in a contaminated meth lab home with their 3 children. Last month, Rhonda introduced herself to me through an email and […]

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TN Holt family update: Hope fades as meth lab bills pile up

Several months have passed, since I was first contacted by Rhonda Holt from Winchester, TN, and my most recent conversation with her was distressing. Despite all of what they have gone through, they still have a very steep hill to climb before they can see over the mountain of debt and health problems they’re facing […]

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Missouri couple unprotected by meth lab disclosure law

Jason Dowdell and Michelle Dilorenzo, a Missouri couple, should have known they were buying a contaminated meth lab home, according to the state’s disclosure law, but they didn’t. No one told them that the three bedroom house they bought would endanger their health and the health of the future children that they hoped to share […]

New Zealand Renter Sickened by Neighbors Meth Lab

New Zealand Renters Believe Health Problems Caused By Neighbors Methlab

Doctors couldn’t explain why Shanelle Borlase, a New Zealand renter, was suffering from so many health problems, despite a slew of medical tests. All that Shanelle could tell them is that she began having health problems about two months after she moved in to her new apartment. “At the beginning I suffered from absence of […]


Couple sues Utah health department over meth lab home

If you’re buying or thinking of buying a home in Utah, talk to the neighbors BEFORE you sign any purchase agreement. The couple in this video bought a home, only to find out later from neighbors that it had been used as a meth lab by its previous owner. The Alkanani’s later sued the health […]

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Meth Labs | Children

sheriff frank mckeithen

Bay County Fl Sheriff Mckeithen is furious over baby burned in explosion

Bay County, FLA Sheriff Frank Mckeithen is furious over a meth lab explosion, earlier this week, that resulted in life threatening burns to a Johna Osborn, a one-year-old baby girl, whose playpen caught fire during a meth lab explosion. At a press conference soon after the explosion, Mckeithen let his anger and his words fly, […]

1995 EPA Policy Report: Effect of toxins on children

Children face the highest risk of becoming ill from living in a home where meth is being manufactured or homes where meth was once manufactured. If the home they are living in is still contaminated by the toxic chemicals produced when someone made meth in it, they are at risk every day of developing illnesses […]


Weaver Alabama girl drinks meth lab acid stored in Sprite bottle

Weaver, Alabama: Eleven year old Kristen Michelle Kelley was changed forever on February 13, 2009 – that was the day that she drank hydrochloric acid from the Sprite soda bottle that she found on the ground just outside of her cousin’s trailer. (picture) Kristen, like other children who are living with meth addicts and meth […]

children endangered by meth labs

Hampton, Kentucky: Three and four year old children test positive for methamphetamine

Three children, the youngest of which were 3 and 4 year old boys, were removed from a Hampton, Kentucky home where several meth labs were seized. Medical tests performed on the children revealed that the younger children tested positive for methamphetamine. Kenneth Murray and Jamie Bryan, who were arrested at the scene, have been charged […]

Dangers to Children Living in a Meth Lab

Exposure to low levels of some meth ingredients may produce headache, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue; exposure to high levels can produce shortness of breath, coughing, chest pain, dizziness, lack of coordination, eye and tissue irritation, chemical burns (to the skin, eyes, mouth, and nose), and death.

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Meth Lab Quotes

PA Police Chief Bill Worden Warns The Public About Children Exposed To Meth Lab Chemicals

“Exposed children develop tremors and sleep disorders and pregnant women may have placenta damage and preterm labor. If the babies survive, they are subject to intellectual disabilities.” ~ Port Jervis (Pennsylvania) Police Chief Bill Worden. Meth labs have been found in Stroudsburg, Wilkes-Barre, and Hazelton, as well as elsewhere in Columbia, Luzerne and Monroe counties, […]

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Meth Labs | Health

meth mouth

Battling Meth Labs and Meth Mouth in Kentucky

Dentists in Kentucky and states across the country know first hand how much damage meth can do to a person’s teeth. Some stories that I’ve read, tell tales of meth addicts, whose teeth have actually broken off while eating ice cream. “His teeth crooked and blackened, Justin Baker is the face of another reason for […]

Cops fighting meth in Utah are dying from cancer

In January 2005, a rare form of cancer claimed Salt Lake County sheriff’s deputy Jade Pusey. The co-workers of those who have lost their lives or gotten sick from working on one of Utah’s drug force squads are also concerned about the risks. They have implemented a program to detox police, detectives, and other law […]

webmd mrsa skin infection

The Methamphetamine and MRSA Connection

Is there a connection between meth labs and MRSA? I had never really given it any thought, until I received this letter from a landlord who wondered if there was a connection between them. “I rented my trailer to woman and her daughter, 14, at the time, and a beautiful young girl, in high school, […]

U.S. Congress approves Meth Lab Studies

The H.R. 365: Methamphetamine Remediation Research Act of 2007 that became law on 12/21/2007 is the first step taken by the U.S. government to address the contamination and health problems caused by meth lab toxins. The Methamphetamine Research Remediation Act requires: The EPA to develop model cleanup procedures for states. The National Institute of Standards […]


Meth Labs | Real Estate

The Meth Problem In Tennessee

The availability and demand for methamphetamine continues to increase throughout Tennessee. Much of the methamphetamine consumed in the state is transported from Mexico and the Southwest Border area. Clandestine methamphetamine labs can be found anywhere in Tennessee and are encountered almost daily by law enforcement. Tennessee accounts for 75 percent of the methamphetamine lab seizures […]

Arkansas Meth Lab Addresses

The U.S. Department of Justice (“the Department”) published these meth addresses as a public service in 2006. The list includes addresses of some locations where law enforcement agencies reported they found chemicals or other items that indicated the presence of either clandestine drug laboratories or dumpsites. The DOJ and Meth Lab Homes encourages all members […]

Meth lab bust in Laurel Heights neighborhood

San Francisco: Laurel Heights meth lab shocks neighbors

San Francisco: Neighbors of the affluent community. known as Laurel Heights, were shocked to learn that they’d been living next to a meth lab. Laurel Heights is the kind of neighborhood that most people would never suspect of housing a meth lab – including the police. Meth labs have sprung up all over the country, […]

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Meth Labs | Politics


Kansas meth lab clean up program cut comes at high cost

A meth lab clean up program that has operated in Kansas since 1999, that was cut from the state’s budget last month, has the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) concerned.  For the last decade, whenever a meth lab has been discovered in Kansas,  removal of the hazardous and volatile chemicals found at the scene, were […]

Rite Aid fined for pseudoephedrine tracking violations

Rite Aid has been fined $5 million dollars for violating government regulations that require pharmacies to track the sale of controlled substances that include pseudoephedrine.  Fifty-three Rite Aid pharmacies in California, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Virginia were not tracking the sale of products containing pseudoephedrine and ephedrine according to state […]

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