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  • North Liberty City Iowa: A new meth lab cleanup ordinance in North Liberty City will hold property owners responsible for meth lab cleanup costs. Previously,… [Continue Reading]

    Meth Lab Cleanup and Registry established in North Liberty Iowa
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Winchester TN: Rhonda Holt Interview – Part 2

In Part 2 of my interview with Rhonda Holt from Winchester, TN, Rhonda continues to tell me about the health problems that her family experienced while living in a contaminated meth lab home.

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Casper Wyoming: 1445 S. Jackson Street A Meth Lab Home Story

In 2007, Albuquerque, New Mexico resident Licia Henderson found what she thought would be the perfect home in Casper, Wyoming. It had two bedrooms, hard wood floors, and new carpeting, according to the realtor’s pictures. It wasn’t a large home, but Licia, a single woman, didn’t require a lot of space. All she needed was […]


Couple sues Utah health department over meth lab home

If you’re buying or thinking of buying a home in Utah, talk to the neighbors BEFORE you sign any purchase agreement. The couple in this video bought a home, only to find out later from neighbors that it had been used as a meth lab by its previous owner. The Alkanani’s later sued the health […]


Utah meth lab law didn’t protect their babies

Utah meth lab law left Rachel and Adam Spencer and their babies unprotected from the health and financial consequences of renting a contaminated meth lab home. They say the heartache and suffering that they have been through could have been prevented for $45. This is their story. When Rachel and Adam Spencer rented an apartment […]


TN Holt family update: Hope fades as meth lab bills pile up

Several months have passed, since I was first contacted by Rhonda Holt from Winchester, TN, and my most recent conversation with her was distressing. Despite all of what they have gone through, they still have a very steep hill to climb before they can see over the mountain of debt and health problems they’re facing […]

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Minnesota: Keller meth lab home sold in Sheriff’s sale

Justin and Kristi Keller of Cannon Falls, Minnesota no longer own a meth lab home. It was sold at a Sheriff’s sale back to their original lender at a significantly reduced price. Although the Kellers paid $250,000 for the home, the home was reportedly bought by Chase Home Finance at a Sheriff’s sale for $219,747.16. […]

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1995 EPA Policy Report: Effect of toxins on children

Children face the highest risk of becoming ill from living in a home where meth is being manufactured or homes where meth was once manufactured. If the home they are living in is still contaminated by the toxic chemicals produced when someone made meth in it, they are at risk every day of developing illnesses […]

Bedford Indiana meth lab bust

Monday, April 7, 2008 – Indiana State Police arrested 5 people in connection with a meth lab located on Sowders Lane in Bedford. Indiana State Police Bloomington went to a home to serve a Lawrence County warrant for purchasing more than 3 grams of meth precursors in a week from 25-year-old Brandon Brown. When they […]

sheriff frank mckeithen

Bay County Fl Sheriff Mckeithen is furious over baby burned in explosion

Bay County, FLA Sheriff Frank Mckeithen is furious over a meth lab explosion, earlier this week, that resulted in life threatening burns to a Johna Osborn, a one-year-old baby girl, whose playpen caught fire during a meth lab explosion. At a press conference soon after the explosion, Mckeithen let his anger and his words fly, […]


Letter from a step mother to meth endangered children

Thank you for posting this site!! I am a step parent to 4 children that have a meth abuser mother and the youngest almost died at 6 months old from the meth. He has many problems with memory, it takes him at least 10 seconds or so to even answer questions and also just looks […]

children endangered by meth labs

Hampton, Kentucky: Three and four year old children test positive for methamphetamine

Three children, the youngest of which were 3 and 4 year old boys, were removed from a Hampton, Kentucky home where several meth labs were seized. Medical tests performed on the children revealed that the younger children tested positive for methamphetamine. Kenneth Murray and Jamie Bryan, who were arrested at the scene, have been charged […]

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Tulsa Apartment Association: Cost of Meth Labs

“The Tulsa Apartment Association says they can’t rent units until it has been remediated and clean up can cost apartments $6,000 to $300,000. Not mention the innocent residents and employees on the premises that are exposed to the toxic chemicals. ‘It’s a battle that we are facing constantly and we’re trying to keep our residents […]

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Maine DEA Report a meth lab

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What health problems do meth labs cause ?

The risk of injury from chemical exposure depends on the chemical itself, the concentration, the quantity, and the length and route of exposure. Chemicals may enter the body by being breathed, eaten, injected (by a contaminated needle or accidental skin prick), or absorbed by the skin, according to the Washington State Environmental Health and Safety […]


US Soldiers sickened by chemical found in meth lab homes

U.S. Soldiers, who have been sickened by a chemical that’s been found in meth labs, are fighting a new war against an engineering and construction contractor, a contractor they feel is responsible for the health problems they have suffered as a result of their exposure to a deadly chemical. National Guard members from Indiana, Oregon, […]


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Churubusco Indiana: 501 South Main St up for sale

South Main St. in Churubusco, Indiana used to be called home by Julie Sabatino and her son.  But in 2009, after they had experienced unusual health problems, Julie, a single mom, discovered something about the home that no one told her when she bought the home – it had previously been used to manufacture meth […]

Summit County Ohio approves meth lab database but no cleanup guidelines

Summit County, like other counties across the U.S., are doing what they can to address their meth lab problem, despite a lack of direction or information from the federal government.  On August 22th, the Summit County Council adopted three recommendations of the Methamphetamine Property Awareness Task Force, which will

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Missouri towns with pseudoephedrine prescription laws rising fast

While Missouri legislators continue their debate over pseudoephedrine (PSE) prescription laws, local political leaders and pharmacists across the state are taking their meth lab problem in to their own hands. As of June 2011, 40 Missouri cities and towns now require consumers to have a doctor’s prescription to buy pseudoephedrine and at least a dozen […]

Del City Oklahoma: Three children died in their trailer home when it caught fire. Their parents admitted to using meth. Chemicals used to make meth were discovered in the rubble.

Breaking News: Oklahoma AG rules pseudoephedrine prescription city ordinances illegal

Oklahoma cities can not enact their own pseudoephedrine prescription laws, according to a ruling by the their state Attorney General, E. Scott Pruitt. According to the  July 29, 2011 Attorney General’s ruling, Oklahoma cities “have no power to enact or enforce local ordinances prohibiting the dispensing, sale, and distribution of pseudoephedrine without a legal prescription […]

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