• Meth lab bust at Newport motel

    A meth lab bust at the Pineapple Inn in Newport,RI, on Thursday,  raises concerns that meth lab busts may become a growing trend in the northeast, leaving in their wake a trail of toxic contaminants that present a threat to the public’s health. Picture: The Pineapple Inn, a motel not far from the City of… [Continue Reading]

    Meth lab bust at Newport motel

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missouri meth lab

Missouri Homeowner Finds Evidence Of Former Meth Lab Hidden Behind Wall

Missouri: When Jenny Kyle and her husband bought their High Ridge home in 2008, no one told them that they were buying a former meth lab: their home wasn’t listed in a methlab registry and no one had been arrested for making meth in the house. But, Jenny Kyle and her husband discovered the tell-tale …..Read More

New Zealand Renter Sickened by Neighbors Meth Lab

New Zealand Renters Believe Health Problems Caused By Neighbors Methlab

Doctors couldn’t explain why Shanelle Borlase, a New Zealand renter, was suffering from so many health problems, despite a slew of medical tests. All that Shanelle could tell them is that she began having health problems about two months after she moved in to her new apartment. “At the beginning I suffered from absence of …..Read More

Former meth lab home used as a daycare

News reporter shocks Colorado couple who bought former meth lab home (video)

The Evans family bought their dream home in a quiet Colorado neighborhood and lived in the home with their three daughters for a year, before a news reporter told them what they should have been told when they bought it. The Evans family home was a former meth lab home and it was still contaminated …..Read More


Casper Wyoming: 1445 S. Jackson Street A Meth Lab Home Story

In 2007, Albuquerque, New Mexico resident Licia Henderson found what she thought would be the perfect home in Casper, Wyoming. It had two bedrooms, hard wood floors, and new carpeting, according to the realtor’s pictures. It wasn’t a large home, but Licia, a single woman, didn’t require a lot of space. All she needed was …..Read More


Minnesota: Keller meth lab home sold in Sheriff’s sale

Justin and Kristi Keller of Cannon Falls, Minnesota no longer own a meth lab home. It was sold at a Sheriff’s sale back to their original lender at a significantly reduced price. Although the Kellers paid $250,000 for the home, the home was reportedly bought by Chase Home Finance at a Sheriff’s sale for $219,747.16. …..Read More

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Cops fighting meth in Utah are dying from cancer

In January 2005, a rare form of cancer claimed Salt Lake County sheriff’s deputy Jade Pusey. The co-workers of those who have lost their lives or gotten sick from working on one of Utah’s drug force squads are also concerned about the risks. They have implemented a program to detox police, detectives, and other law …..Read More


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Dangers to Children Living in a Meth Lab

Exposure to low levels of some meth ingredients may produce headache, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue; exposure to high levels can produce shortness of breath, coughing, chest pain, dizziness, lack of coordination, eye and tissue irritation, chemical burns (to the skin, eyes, mouth, and nose), and death.

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Homestead hotel Jacksonville FL

The Homestead Studio Suites Hotel was condemned by the City of Jacksonville today, just three days after police discovered a meth lab in one of its guest rooms. If the hotel wants to re-open, it will first have to hire professionally licensed environmental hygienists to conduct testing of the building’s interior. After testing has been …..Read More

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Lakeville MA Meth Lab Bust Sparks Meth Lab Disclosure and Cleanup Concerns

Meth lab bust in Lakeville, MA raises concerns about meth lab disclosure and meth lab cleanup.

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