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  • Warwick, Rhode Island:  A meth lab inside a guest room inside Motel 6 this week may signal a growing trend in the region. In 2010,… [Continue Reading]

    Rhode Island meth lab bust signals growing trend

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Meth Lab Cleanup and Registry established in North Liberty Iowa

North Liberty City Iowa: A new meth lab cleanup ordinance in North Liberty City will hold property owners responsible for meth lab cleanup costs. Previously, property owners were asked to perform meth lab cleanup on their private residences or rental properties, but there was no legal requirement for them to do so. The new ordinance, […]


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TN Holt family update: Hope fades as meth lab bills pile up

Several months have passed, since I was first contacted by Rhonda Holt from Winchester, TN, and my most recent conversation with her was distressing. Despite all of what they have gone through, they still have a very steep hill to climb before they can see over the mountain of debt and health problems they’re facing […]

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Casper Wyoming: 1445 S. Jackson Street A Meth Lab Home Story

In 2007, Albuquerque, New Mexico resident Licia Henderson found what she thought would be the perfect home in Casper, Wyoming. It had two bedrooms, hard wood floors, and new carpeting, according to the realtor’s pictures. It wasn’t a large home, but Licia, a single woman, didn’t require a lot of space. All she needed was […]


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1995 EPA Policy Report: Effect of toxins on children

Children face the highest risk of becoming ill from living in a home where meth is being manufactured or homes where meth was once manufactured. If the home they are living in is still contaminated by the toxic chemicals produced when someone made meth in it, they are at risk every day of developing illnesses […]


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Meth labs pose outdoor dangers


“Now we have to teach our children what to look for when it comes to these containers, ingredients people to use make meth. It is very scary. I have children. I have three children living at home. I have a grandbaby that’s here a lot” ~ J. Crumb, Tennessee resident whose husband found a meth lab in their yard.


Brantley, Megan. “Couple Finds Meth Lab in Yard.” WCYB. WCYB, 12 Mar. 2013. Web. 12 Mar. 2013. <>.


Maine DEA Report a meth lab

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Mississippi: Pseudoephedrine becomes a prescription drug

On July 1, 2010 Mississippi began requiring that consumers have a doctor’s prescription in order to buy pseudoephedrine; a popular drug among those who manufacture crystal meth. Oregon created a similar law in 2006, which they credit with a drastic reduction of meth manufacturing in their state. According to a 2008 DEA report,  methamphetamine has […]

St. Charles County Missouri passes pseudoephedrine prescription law

On Monday, St. Charles County joined over 45 cities and towns in Missouri that require consumers to have a doctor’s prescription to buy any form of pseudoephedrine, including gel caps. The new law, which is expected to take effect within a month, will effect 56 pharmacies located in St. Charles county.  Passage of the prescription […]

Meth Legislation: Senate and Representatives Track Sheet

S. 103 – Senator Talent (R-MO) introduced on January 24, 2005 the “Combat Meth Act of 2005,” a bill to respond to the illegal production, distribution, and use of methamphetamine in the United States, and for other purposes. Among many things, the bill would have SAMHSA establish a methamphetamine research, training, and technical assistance center […]


Meth Lab Trends 2014

"The vast majority of methamphetamine laboratories seized in the United States are the small capacity production laboratories (SCPL), also known as “one-pot” or “shake- and-bake” laboratories. These laboratories produce small amounts of methamphetamine, generally for personal use or use among a small group of people. Though they produce small amounts of methamphetamine, the associated environmental harms caused by these laboratories are immense." ~ 2014 National Drug Threat Assessment, DEA, U.S Department of Justice