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  • North Liberty City Iowa: A new meth lab cleanup ordinance in North Liberty City will hold property owners responsible for meth lab cleanup costs. Previously,… [Continue Reading]

    Meth Lab Cleanup and Registry established in North Liberty Iowa

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Arkansas: The Cornell family meth lab home

McRae, Arkansas: Hazel and Clarence Cornell lived in a trailer for a year, after they found out that the home they bought in 2001 had once been used as a meth lab.  Soon after they bought a new home where they hoped to spend their retirement years, health problems began.  Clarence couldn’t breath and “turned […]


Minnesota: Couple unknowingly buys house from meth lab cook

All that Kristi and Justin Keller wanted was a home to call their own, where they could someday raise a family of their own. After years of saving their money for a down payment, they found a nice split-level home in Cannon Falls, that appeared to be just what they wanted. It was an attractive […]

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Winchester TN: Rhonda Holt Interview – Part I

In 2004, Rhonda and Jason Holt bought a home in Winchester, TN, never knowing that the home they were buying was a former meth lab. For the last 5 years, they have been living in a contaminated meth lab home with their 3 children. Last month, Rhonda introduced herself to me through an email and […]

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Winchester TN: Rhonda Holt Interview – Part 2

In Part 2 of my interview with Rhonda Holt from Winchester, TN, Rhonda continues to tell me about the health problems that her family experienced while living in a contaminated meth lab home.

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Single mom Andrea Wagner buys contaminated meth lab home

Stow, Ohio: Andrea Wagner bought a meth lab home on Meadowbrook Boulevard for $147,000,in January 2006, not knowing that she was buying a home contaminated with meth lab chemicals. The seller, who bought the home at a Sheriff’s auction never told her and Wagner never questioned it. All she knew was that the house looked […]

Family sickened by chemicals in former meth lab home asks for help

“We need help!! We bought our house 5 years ago, after having 3 children ages 3,2,1, we begin to find out from neighbors, people in community that meth was manufactured in our home. All 3 of our children, plus my husband and myself are all experiencing health effects with our 2 year old suffering the […]


Couple sues Utah health department over meth lab home

If you’re buying or thinking of buying a home in Utah, talk to the neighbors BEFORE you sign any purchase agreement. The couple in this video bought a home, only to find out later from neighbors that it had been used as a meth lab by its previous owner. The Alkanani’s later sued the health […]

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Bedford Indiana meth lab bust

Monday, April 7, 2008 – Indiana State Police arrested 5 people in connection with a meth lab located on Sowders Lane in Bedford. Indiana State Police Bloomington went to a home to serve a Lawrence County warrant for purchasing more than 3 grams of meth precursors in a week from 25-year-old Brandon Brown. When they […]

sheriff frank mckeithen

Bay County Fl Sheriff Mckeithen is furious over baby burned in explosion

Bay County, FLA Sheriff Frank Mckeithen is furious over a meth lab explosion, earlier this week, that resulted in life threatening burns to a Johna Osborn, a one-year-old baby girl, whose playpen caught fire during a meth lab explosion. At a press conference soon after the explosion, Mckeithen let his anger and his words fly, […]

Dangers to Children Living in a Meth Lab

Exposure to low levels of some meth ingredients may produce headache, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue; exposure to high levels can produce shortness of breath, coughing, chest pain, dizziness, lack of coordination, eye and tissue irritation, chemical burns (to the skin, eyes, mouth, and nose), and death.

Merced County California has been busy busting meth labs

Sheriff Mark Pazin of Merced County, California is keeping busy these days, according to a report by the Merced Sun-Star. They have reported close to 100 meth lab incidents already this year, the latest of which was a bust this week of a super lab located at 17497 Letteau Ave.  Police estimate that by the […]

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Effingham County Georgia Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie

“We’ve put a big dent in the drug traffic in this county, but if you draw back, it’ll come back. Anything that goes unchecked comes back. We still have some meth labs, but they are hard to find because of the reputation we have.” -Effingham County, Georgia Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie Drug busts in Effingham County […]

PA Police Chief Bill Worden Warns The Public About Children Exposed To Meth Lab Chemicals

“Exposed children develop tremors and sleep disorders and pregnant women may have placenta damage and preterm labor. If the babies survive, they are subject to intellectual disabilities.” ~ Port Jervis (Pennsylvania) Police Chief Bill Worden. Meth labs have been found in Stroudsburg, Wilkes-Barre, and Hazelton, as well as elsewhere in Columbia, Luzerne and Monroe counties, […]

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AIDS and Methamphetamine: The Perfect Storm

Methamphetamine use has a direct impact on the spread of AIDS, due to the changes that occur in the brains and bodies of users who are high on the drug. Research about the popularity of meth is fueled by two aspects of the drug that entice new users to try it and then keeps them […]


Meth Lab Chemicals Cause Pancreatic Cancer In Utah Officer

A 46 year old, former narcotics officer from Utah, developed pancreatic cancer, that he attributed to his years of exposure to toxic meth lab chemicals. A study about the toxic effects of meth lab chemicals on Utah First Responders failed to show a connection between their exposure and their illnesses. However, researchers involved in the […]


Soldiers sickened by chemical found in meth lab homes

U.S. Soldiers, who have been sickened by a chemical that’s been found in meth labs, are fighting a new war against an engineering and construction contractor, a contractor they feel is responsible for the health problems they have suffered as a result of their exposure to a deadly chemical. National Guard members from Indiana, Oregon, […]

Cops fighting meth in Utah are dying from cancer

In January 2005, a rare form of cancer claimed Salt Lake County sheriff’s deputy Jade Pusey. The co-workers of those who have lost their lives or gotten sick from working on one of Utah’s drug force squads are also concerned about the risks. They have implemented a program to detox police, detectives, and other law […]


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Colorado Real Estate Commission receives meth lab complaints

The Colorado Real Estate Commission has received complaints from buyers that they were shown contaminated meth lab homes by Colorado realtors. One of those complaints came from a pregnant buyer who said that a realtor showed her a home that had not been decontaminated. The Commission says that it


Clandestine Meth Labs in TN continue to grow has reported that Anderson County, TN, is well on its way of breaking a new meth lab record in 2008. In 2007, there were 58 meth labs seized in Anderson county. So far, this year, there have already been 20 clandestine meth labs discoveries according to the records at the Sheriff’s Department.


Utah meth lab law didn’t protect their babies

Utah meth lab law left Rachel and Adam Spencer and their babies unprotected from the health and financial consequences of renting a contaminated meth lab home. They say the heartache and suffering that they have been through could have been prevented for $45. This is their story. When Rachel and Adam Spencer rented an apartment […]

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oklahoma meth lab clean up funds cut

Oklahoma Meth Lab Cleanup Funds Discontinued

Oklahoma joins a growing list of states who have a methlab clean up problem that they can’t pay for. Last year, the state of Oklahoma received $600,000 in meth lab cleanup funding money from the DEA; but last week that all changed. The federal government has ended its financial support of meth lab clean up. […]

TN tax on illegal drugs nixed by TN Supreme Court

The TN Supreme Court ruled on Friday that a tax on illegal drugs was unconstitutional, because the “crack tax” is not a tax on  “merchants, peddlers and privileges.” However, the court also ruled that the tax law did not violate protections against self-incrimination, which may allow them to develop a new tax on drugs that […]


Mississippi: Pseudoephedrine becomes a prescription drug

On July 1, 2010 Mississippi began requiring that consumers have a doctor’s prescription in order to buy pseudoephedrine; a popular drug among those who manufacture crystal meth. Oregon created a similar law in 2006, which they credit with a drastic reduction of meth manufacturing in their state. According to a 2008 DEA report,  methamphetamine has […]

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