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Utah meth lab law didn’t protect their babies

Utah meth lab law left Rachel and Adam Spencer and their babies unprotected from the health and financial consequences of renting a contaminated meth lab home. They say the heartache and suffering that they have been through could have been prevented for $45. This is their story. When Rachel and Adam Spencer rented an apartment […]

Former meth lab home used as a daycare

News reporter shocks Colorado couple who bought former meth lab home (video)

The Evans family bought their dream home in a quiet Colorado neighborhood and lived in the home with their three daughters for a year, before a news reporter told them what they should have been told when they bought it. The Evans family home was a former meth lab home and it was still contaminated […]


Winchester TN: Rhonda Holt Interview – Part 2

In Part 2 of my interview with Rhonda Holt from Winchester, TN, Rhonda continues to tell me about the health problems that her family experienced while living in a contaminated meth lab home.

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Missouri couple unprotected by meth lab disclosure law

Jason Dowdell and Michelle Dilorenzo, a Missouri couple, should have known they were buying a contaminated meth lab home, according to the state’s disclosure law, but they didn’t. No one told them that the three bedroom house they bought would endanger their health and the health of the future children that they hoped to share […]


The Bates Family: Three tours in Iraq and and now a meth lab home

John and Jessie Bates, a newlywed couple from Suquamish, had a healthy bank account, one car loan, and no debt, in 2008. John, 34, had completed three tours in Iraq with the U.S. navy, and came home to find a job as a pipefitter in Bangor. Jessie, 29, worked as a nanny, after leaving a […]

Family sickened by chemicals in former meth lab home asks for help

“We need help!! We bought our house 5 years ago, after having 3 children ages 3,2,1, we begin to find out from neighbors, people in community that meth was manufactured in our home. All 3 of our children, plus my husband and myself are all experiencing health effects with our 2 year old suffering the […]


Couple sues Utah health department over meth lab home

If you’re buying or thinking of buying a home in Utah, talk to the neighbors BEFORE you sign any purchase agreement. The couple in this video bought a home, only to find out later from neighbors that it had been used as a meth lab by its previous owner. The Alkanani’s later sued the health […]

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Parents of 7 month old baby arrested for running a meth lab

When someone is addicted to methamphetamine, nothing matters more to them than getting more meth. If you suspect that someone is operating a meth lab, please notify your local police department or Sheriff’s office. Just one anonymous call could save the life of a child. WKRG.com Video

What is your child learning about Meth in school?

Teaching kids about the real world can help them learn in a meaningful way about themselves, others, and the world around them. But, teaching them how to make meth? That doesn’t make sense to me. We don’t throw people off a cliff to warn them that it dangerous, yet schools seem to being doing that […]


Weaver Alabama girl drinks meth lab acid stored in Sprite bottle

Weaver, Alabama: Eleven year old Kristen Michelle Kelley was changed forever on February 13, 2009 – that was the day that she drank hydrochloric acid from the Sprite soda bottle that she found on the ground just outside of her cousin’s trailer. (picture) Kristen, like other children who are living with meth addicts and meth […]


Iowa: Children raised by meth addicted parents fight to save themselves

Experts estimate that in every elementary school classroom in the U.S., at least 3 children are living with someone who has a substance abuse problem. Many of those children will go on to become substance abusers just like their parents. (picture) Toddy Svoboda and Zoey Montgomery, both 11 years old,  lived with parents who were […]

meth cook high chair

Exposure to Toxins: Embryos, Fetuses, Young Children

“New science shows that exposure to toxins prenatally or early in life can have a devastating and lifelong effect on the developing architecture of the brain. Exposures to many chemicals have much more severe consequences for embryos, fetuses, and young children, whose brains are still developing, than for adults.” ~ National Scientific Council on the […]

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Meth Lab Quotes

What The EPA Says About Toxic Air And Health Problems

“People who are exposed to toxic air pollutants at sufficient concentrations and for sufficient durations may increase their chances of getting cancer or experiencing other serious health effects. Depending on which air toxics an individual is exposed to, these health effects can include damage to the immune system, as well as neurological, reproductive (e.g., reduced […]

Exposure to Toxins: Embryos, Fetuses, Young Children

“New science shows that exposure to toxins prenatally or early in life can have a devastating and lifelong effect on the developing architecture of the brain. Exposures to many chemicals have much more severe consequences for embryos, fetuses, and young children, whose brains are still developing, than for adults.” ~ National Scientific Council on the […]

Motel And Hotel Methlabs: Costs and Risks In A Nutshell

“When you get into hotels where it’s one night stay, where it’s quick cash, lower cost rooms, that’s where these people are going to come to. That is where they will congregate.The motels have to rent out to people, that’s what they’re in the business for. They do their best to ensure who the people […]

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Meth Labs | Health


Meth Lab Chemicals Cause Pancreatic Cancer In Utah Officer

A 46 year old, former narcotics officer from Utah, developed pancreatic cancer, that he attributed to his years of exposure to toxic meth lab chemicals. A study about the toxic effects of meth lab chemicals on Utah First Responders failed to show a connection between their exposure and their illnesses. However, researchers involved in the […]


What health problems do meth labs cause ?

The risk of injury from chemical exposure depends on the chemical itself, the concentration, the quantity, and the length and route of exposure. Chemicals may enter the body by being breathed, eaten, injected (by a contaminated needle or accidental skin prick), or absorbed by the skin, according to the Washington State Environmental Health and Safety […]

webmd mrsa skin infection

The Methamphetamine and MRSA Connection

Is there a connection between meth labs and MRSA? I had never really given it any thought, until I received this letter from a landlord who wondered if there was a connection between them. “I rented my trailer to woman and her daughter, 14, at the time, and a beautiful young girl, in high school, […]


US Soldiers sickened by chemical found in meth lab homes

U.S. Soldiers, who have been sickened by a chemical that’s been found in meth labs, are fighting a new war against an engineering and construction contractor, a contractor they feel is responsible for the health problems they have suffered as a result of their exposure to a deadly chemical. National Guard members from Indiana, Oregon, […]


Meth Labs | Real Estate

Are dark stains on window frames and illness signs of a former meth lab ?

“We moved into a rental home 7 weeks ago and it had been renovated. It began smelling like stale smoke once the new paint smell wore off and we asked the property manager if the previous tenants had smoked. He admitted yes. He said they trashed the place and left and that the property was […]

Texas meth labs pose health threat to families with children

If you’re renting or buying a home in Texas, do your homework before you sign on the dotted line! Texas does not require a landlord to tell a renter that the home was used as a meth lab, nor does it require that the home be decontaminated after the lab has been shut down by […]

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Meth Labs | Politics

TN tax on illegal drugs nixed by TN Supreme Court

The TN Supreme Court ruled on Friday that a tax on illegal drugs was unconstitutional, because the “crack tax” is not a tax on  “merchants, peddlers and privileges.” However, the court also ruled that the tax law did not violate protections against self-incrimination, which may allow them to develop a new tax on drugs that […]

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