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missouri meth lab

Missouri Homeowner Finds Evidence Of Former Meth Lab Hidden Behind Wall

Missouri: When Jenny Kyle and her husband bought their High Ridge home in 2008, no one told them that they were buying a former meth lab: their home wasn’t listed in a methlab registry and no one had been arrested for making meth in the house. But, Jenny Kyle and her husband discovered the tell-tale […]

Former meth lab home used as a daycare

News reporter shocks Colorado couple who bought former meth lab home (video)

The Evans family bought their dream home in a quiet Colorado neighborhood and lived in the home with their three daughters for a year, before a news reporter told them what they should have been told when they bought it. The Evans family home was a former meth lab home and it was still contaminated […]


Utah meth lab law didn’t protect their babies

Utah meth lab law left Rachel and Adam Spencer and their babies unprotected from the health and financial consequences of renting a contaminated meth lab home. They say the heartache and suffering that they have been through could have been prevented for $45. This is their story. When Rachel and Adam Spencer rented an apartment […]


Couple sues Utah health department over meth lab home

If you’re buying or thinking of buying a home in Utah, talk to the neighbors BEFORE you sign any purchase agreement. The couple in this video bought a home, only to find out later from neighbors that it had been used as a meth lab by its previous owner. The Alkanani’s later sued the health […]


Arkansas: The Cornell family meth lab home

McRae, Arkansas: Hazel and Clarence Cornell lived in a trailer for a year, after they found out that the home they bought in 2001 had once been used as a meth lab.  Soon after they bought a new home where they hoped to spend their retirement years, health problems began.  Clarence couldn’t breath and “turned […]


Indiana: The Sabatino meth lab home story

In 2006,  Julie McCoy Sabatino bought a small two-story house in Churubusco, Indiana, an affordable home where she dreamed of happy days together with her 10 year old son.  But, health problems began, just a few weeks after moving in to the home, when both she and her son began experiencing flu-like systems. They began […]


The Bates Family: Three tours in Iraq and and now a meth lab home

John and Jessie Bates, a newlywed couple from Suquamish, had a healthy bank account, one car loan, and no debt, in 2008. John, 34, had completed three tours in Iraq with the U.S. navy, and came home to find a job as a pipefitter in Bangor. Jessie, 29, worked as a nanny, after leaving a […]

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Meth Labs | Children

Kalamazoo Michigan child goes to hospital for meth exposure

Thanks to a family member of a Kalamazoo Michigan 4 year old girl who was admitted to the hospital for breathing problems, the meth lab that put her there will be out of commission. Two days after the girl was admitted to the hospital, a family member told child protective services they thought her problem […]


N.C. Suspicious chemical purchases help save Indian Trail infant

Tips from local business owners about suspicious chemical purchases led police straight to a home on Indian Trail home on Thursday. In a garage behind the home, they discovered a 1-year-old infant and Teri Kuhns Witmore, a 27-year-old woman who was in the process of making methamphetamine, when police arrived. Union County Department of Social […]

What is your child learning about Meth in school?

Teaching kids about the real world can help them learn in a meaningful way about themselves, others, and the world around them. But, teaching them how to make meth? That doesn’t make sense to me. We don’t throw people off a cliff to warn them that it dangerous, yet schools seem to being doing that […]


An important message from the teenage son of a meth cook

Hi, my name is Justin. I am 14 yrs old, and my dad was a meth manufacturer. He did time in prison for it a few yrs back and it nearly broke my heart. I finally got back together with him and now he’s back in jail. It tears us apart so badly! Please if […]

Meth cook hides out in home of South Bend Indiana senior citizen

High on meth, Kane Edward Hively, 27, of Pierceton, broke in to the home of an elderly woman and told her that he feared for his life. When police arrived at the home of an elderly female Leesburg resident, they found Kane sitting in a rocking chair in her home.

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Meth Lab Quotes

OBN Director Darrell Weaver: Pseudoephedine Sales Booming In Oklahoma

“It’s all in how you want to twist or spin the numbers, but to us it’s pretty simple: They’ve got to have pseudoephedrine to make meth, and pseudoephedrine’s going to these labs and it’s increased 800 percent.” ~ Oklahoma State Narcotics Bureau Director Darrell Weaver testifying at the Oklahoma State Capitol about meth labs and […]

PA Police Chief Bill Worden Warns The Public About Children Exposed To Meth Lab Chemicals

“Exposed children develop tremors and sleep disorders and pregnant women may have placenta damage and preterm labor. If the babies survive, they are subject to intellectual disabilities.” ~ Port Jervis (Pennsylvania) Police Chief Bill Worden. Meth labs have been found in Stroudsburg, Wilkes-Barre, and Hazelton, as well as elsewhere in Columbia, Luzerne and Monroe counties, […]

Methamphetamine is a community problem

“We cannot simply arrest and prosecute our way out of the growing epidemic of drug abuse, trafficking, and addiction by parents and childcare providers.   Saving these children requires a multi-disciplinary approach involving coordinated teams comprised of law enforcement, child protective services, healthcare professionals, educators, victim service specialists, child advocates, courts, and the community.  It requires all […]

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Meth Labs | Health

Cops fighting meth in Utah are dying from cancer

In January 2005, a rare form of cancer claimed Salt Lake County sheriff’s deputy Jade Pusey. The co-workers of those who have lost their lives or gotten sick from working on one of Utah’s drug force squads are also concerned about the risks. They have implemented a program to detox police, detectives, and other law […]


What health problems do meth labs cause ?

The risk of injury from chemical exposure depends on the chemical itself, the concentration, the quantity, and the length and route of exposure. Chemicals may enter the body by being breathed, eaten, injected (by a contaminated needle or accidental skin prick), or absorbed by the skin, according to the Washington State Environmental Health and Safety […]

meth mouth

Battling Meth Labs and Meth Mouth in Kentucky

Dentists in Kentucky and states across the country know first hand how much damage meth can do to a person’s teeth. Some stories that I’ve read, tell tales of meth addicts, whose teeth have actually broken off while eating ice cream. “His teeth crooked and blackened, Justin Baker is the face of another reason for […]

new mexico hearing

New Mexico Senate Hearing on Air Quality and Children’s Health (Video)

Video: During a New Mexico Hearing on Air Quality and Children’s Health, Senator Tom Udall (D-NM) questioned Dr. Donna Upson of the American Lung Association about whether air pollution contributes to breathing problems. Upson’s response suggests that air pollution aggravates asthma and can creates respiratory health issues. Although the discussion focuses on outdoor pollutants, what […]


Meth Labs | Real Estate


Churubusco Indiana: 501 South Main St up for sale

South Main St. in Churubusco, Indiana used to be called home by Julie Sabatino and her son.  But in 2009, after they had experienced unusual health problems, Julie, a single mom, discovered something about the home that no one told her when she bought the home – it had previously been used to manufacture meth […]

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Meth Labs | Politics

Arkansas pseudoephedrine bill puts sales decisions in hands of pharmacists

The Arkansas House has passed a pseudoephedrine bill (60-31) that gives pharmacists, not doctors,  the responsibility of deciding which consumers have a medical need for products containing pseudoephedrine. Once the bill becomes law, pseudoephedrine buyers will also be required to present either an Arkansas ID or a military ID to a pharmacist. Pharmacy technicians, under […]

Washington Missouri makes pseudoephedrine a prescription only drug

The city of Washington, Missouri has made pseudoephedrine a prescription only drug, a move that Tony Rothert, legal director for the Eastern Missouri chapter of the ACLU, isn’t happy about.  Rothert has requested that the City of Washington repeal the ordinance and says that he will the prescription-only decision to court, if  they refuse to […]

"Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan"

Illinois AG plans to tighten grip on meth offenders

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has a plan that will tighten the state’s grip on meth offenders. Last year, 448 meth labs were found in Illinois and an additional 333 meth labs have been found across the state so far this year. If Lisa Madigan’s plan to keep meth makers from re-offending becomes law: Anyone […]

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