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  • Warwick, Rhode Island:  A meth lab inside a guest room inside Motel 6 this week may signal a growing trend in the region. In 2010,… [Continue Reading]

    Rhode Island meth lab bust signals growing trend

Meth Lab News


Meth Lab Cleanup and Registry established in North Liberty Iowa

North Liberty City Iowa: A new meth lab cleanup ordinance in North Liberty City will hold property owners responsible for meth lab cleanup costs. Previously, property owners were asked to perform meth lab cleanup on their private residences or rental properties, but there was no legal requirement for them to do so. The new ordinance, […]


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Missouri couple unprotected by meth lab disclosure law

Jason Dowdell and Michelle Dilorenzo, a Missouri couple, should have known they were buying a contaminated meth lab home, according to the state’s disclosure law, but they didn’t. No one told them that the three bedroom house they bought would endanger their health and the health of the future children that they hoped to share […]


The Bates Family: Three tours in Iraq and and now a meth lab home

John and Jessie Bates, a newlywed couple from Suquamish, had a healthy bank account, one car loan, and no debt, in 2008. John, 34, had completed three tours in Iraq with the U.S. navy, and came home to find a job as a pipefitter in Bangor. Jessie, 29, worked as a nanny, after leaving a […]


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What is your child learning about Meth in school?

Teaching kids about the real world can help them learn in a meaningful way about themselves, others, and the world around them. But, teaching them how to make meth? That doesn’t make sense to me. We don’t throw people off a cliff to warn them that it dangerous, yet schools seem to being doing that […]


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Soldiers sickened by chemical found in meth lab homes

U.S. Soldiers, who have been sickened by a chemical that’s been found in meth labs, are fighting a new war against an engineering and construction contractor, a contractor they feel is responsible for the health problems they have suffered as a result of their exposure to a deadly chemical. National Guard members from Indiana, Oregon, […]


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Effingham County Georgia Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie

“We’ve put a big dent in the drug traffic in this county, but if you draw back, it’ll come back. Anything that goes unchecked comes back. We still have some meth labs, but they are hard to find because of the reputation we have.” -Effingham County, Georgia Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie

Drug busts in Effingham County have resulted in the confiscation of $170,000 in cash, 24 cars, and 3 homes.

Source: Article “McDuffie: Major dent put in meth labs” by Patrick Donahue for the Effingham Herald. net, posted June 30, 2008, accessed on July 1, 2008


Maine DEA Report a meth lab

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"hud homes for sale"

Home buyers expect realtors to know about meth labs

Home buyers expect that realtors know about homes that have been used as meth labs. Yet, many realtors don’t know much about them, according to what I’ve seen posted on websites and real estate forums on the Internet. It’s a troubling thought to realize that’s the case, considering the consequences that presents to home buyers […]


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"Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan"

Illinois AG plans to tighten grip on meth offenders

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has a plan that will tighten the state’s grip on meth offenders. Last year, 448 meth labs were found in Illinois and an additional 333 meth labs have been found across the state so far this year. If Lisa Madigan’s plan to keep meth makers from re-offending becomes law: Anyone […]

Meth lab bust in Laurel Heights neighborhood

San Francisco: Laurel Heights meth lab shocks neighbors

San Francisco: Neighbors of the affluent community. known as Laurel Heights, were shocked to learn that they’d been living next to a meth lab. Laurel Heights is the kind of neighborhood that most people would never suspect of housing a meth lab – including the police. Meth labs have sprung up all over the country, […]

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Alabama meth lab clean up money disappears

Methlab clean up money in Alabama, once obtained by the state from from federal funding grants, will no longer support the clean up of meth labs in the Heart of Dixie state.  Alabama Sheriff’s report that the cost of having chemicals removed from a single meth lab can be anywhere  between  $1,500 and $5,000. According […]


Meth Lab Trends 2014

"The vast majority of methamphetamine laboratories seized in the United States are the small capacity production laboratories (SCPL), also known as “one-pot” or “shake- and-bake” laboratories. These laboratories produce small amounts of methamphetamine, generally for personal use or use among a small group of people. Though they produce small amounts of methamphetamine, the associated environmental harms caused by these laboratories are immense." ~ 2014 National Drug Threat Assessment, DEA, U.S Department of Justice